Mrs Hinch fans share food hack that helps remove stickers from hard surfaces

This year may have been somewhat of a write off but if there's one thing that 2020 has brought us, it's more cleaning hacks.

Due to everyone being stuck at home during lockdown, many have attempted epic DIY projects and have discovered plenty of unusual tips and tricks – including cleaning ones.

And just days before Christmas, Mrs Hinch fans have unveiled another savvy hack that could save you time when removing price stickers from gifts.

Fans of cleaning guru Sophie Hinchliffe have their very own Facebook groups and often share tips and tricks with each other.

Earlier this week, one user asked: "Does anyone have any tips on how to remove stickers please? I need to take them off my daughters wheelchair."

Unsurprisingly, the post was inundated with responses and many were keen to recommend different ways to remove the stickers.

"Blow the hair dryer on them to loosen the glue and they should just peel off," one person suggested.

Another added: "Warm soapy water and scrub off with a sponge scourer."

However, perhaps Facebook users weren't expecting one particular suggestion – which was named by a fair few people.

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The bizarre advice from one person read: "Peel them off then rub with mayonnaise and clean with a scrubber and it will come off.”

Another agreed and added: "I watched on How Clean is Your House years ago to use mayo and the oils soak into it and it peels off."

Several other people recommended mayonnaise, while other suggestions included WD40 and baby oil.

The latest cleaning hack comes after Mrs Hinch hit back at a troll who told her she's simply "on Instagram to clean".

On one of her most recent social media posts, one critic asked: “But why you not cleaning today? You are here to clean?”

But instead of letting the words get her down, Mrs Hinch explained why her platform is more than just a cleaning page.

Sophie said: “Thank you for your message. However, I don’t feel like I am here just to clean.

“I’m so grateful for my platform but I am just a normal person and I don’t clean every day.

“I have hundreds of cleaning videos at the top of my profile that you can feel free to watch.”

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