Mum creates 'candy garden' so kids can safely trick or treat from a distance

Halloween will look a little different this year as social distancing rules means kids turning up at the door to trick or treat isn’t ideal.

Not wanting the children in her neighbourhood to miss out completely, one mum came up with a genius plan – a candy garden.

Wendy Reeves Winter has been attaching sticks to lots of sweets and ‘planting’ them in her front garden to look like flowers.

Kids are then able to walk by and pick a few sweets from the garden.

Wendy, from Denver, Colorado, was worried about kids sticking their hands in the same bowl, potentially spreading germs but this method means they only touch the things they want.

Posting on Facebook, she explained: ‘I experimented a little more with Candy Sticking for trick or treating this year and learned a few things.

‘You can use any kind of stick. Popsicle sticks work great if you are worried about impaling children. (yep, I got comments on that!) Plastic spoons, glow sticks, plastic straws, etc. work great too.

‘You can use regular tape and do all of the work ahead of time to affix your candy to sticks. It’s a fun activity with a glass of wine and doesn’t take long at all!’

Lolly sticks or plastic spoons are good as using something sharp like skewers could be dangerous.

But Wendy did warn to be careful of squirrels who might be keen to grab some treats themselves.

She added: ‘Don’t put your candy out too early. Squirrels apparently love to trick or treat and will take advantage of any candy forest if left unattended for too long.’

Wendy tried to space them out in her large yard to ensure children didn’t get too close if a few came together.

She plans to keep an eye on the sweets from the front porch on Halloween so she can monitor what’s happening. It also means she can safely see all the costumes, which she said is one of her favourite things about Halloween.

Wendy finished her post: ‘People have awesome ideas for Halloween and safe trick or treating, so get on board with trying something new for 2020. I’m imagining my yard as a Willy Wonka candyland, and think it will be fun to watch kids experience something new.’

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