Mum howling with laughter after little boy, 3, orders farts through Amazon Alexa

A mother-of-two was gobsmacked after her three-year-old child managed to buy “farts” through her family’s Amazon Alexa.

Gemma Hodges got an email through from the Amazon website which thanked her for the purchase.

But, it turns out her cheeky little boy Albert and his sister Eleanor, six, had asked the Alexa to let one off!

After making a parping sound she asked if they wanted to buy the Christmas Farts Extension Pack – and little Albert happily shouted “yes”.

Of course, he was unaware that trying to take their fun to the next level would cost his mum and dad, Chris, money.

When parent Gemma checked the notification to see what had been bought she heard Albert roaring with laughter from the next room – and spotted what he’d spent £1.99 on.

NHS nurse Gemma, 31, joked she didn't even know you could purchase products through Alexa, let alone farts.

She and Chris, 36, of Southampton, Hants tried to explain to Albert what he had done but he was too busy giggling to care.

Gemma said: "He looked very proud of his efforts and continued to roll around the floor with laughter.

"All the while, the Christmas fart sounds were continuously being played out by Alexa."

She added: “Albert is a very cheeky and loveable boy.

"He is our little joker and always puts a smile on our faces.

"Albert can be mischievous, finding ways to hide his dad's car keys or turning on the washing machine."

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The odd-sounding extension pack offers “premium” trumping sounds which include “dragon farts” and “Beethoven farts”.

Gemma said: "I panicked as to what else Albert could have purchased that could be accidentally costing us a fortune!

"Luckily, It was only £1.99 and in the scheme of things, it was a warning sign to turn this feature off.

"It could have been a much more expensive lesson to learn."

Amazon said that Alexa owners can turn off purchases in their Alexa apps to avoid such mishaps.

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