Mum mortified after accidentally buying lilo with half naked male model on it

A mum was chuffed when she found a bargain French Connection lilo on eBay – but it didn’t look how she expected when it arrived.

Debbie Campbell was thrilled when she managed to find an affordable pool float after many sold out during the British heatwave earlier this month.

The mum-of-three struggled to find a lilo in her usual shops, so scrolled through eBay to find the product.

Debbie snapped up the pool essential for just £2 plus £3 for postage.

But when she tore open the packaging, her excitement turned to mortification.

The semi-naked bloke she believed was modelling the inflatable was actually plastered across it.

Despite her surprise, Debbie decided to inflate the lilo.

The plugs kept popping open so she used some tape to cover them over.

This only made the float look like a naked man who had been gagged – leaving her in hysterics.

Even though the inflatable wasn’t what they were expecting, the family have decided to use it face down.

They can't face seeing the nude man peering up at them as they’re trying to relax in the water.

Debbie, from Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, said: "When I saw the picture of the lilo online I noticed it said 'FCUK' so I thought it was going to have that on it.

"I thought the picture of the man was a model lying on the lilo that I would get, I didn't think the man would be on my lilo.

"When I told my friend she said 'oh my god you've ordered one with a man on it' and I said 'oh don't be silly it's just a picture'.

"When I first opened it the lilo was folded in a way that when you took it out of the packet you could see his face and the first blow hole.

"I did the video for my friend and said 'oh my god it gets even worse, look where I have to blow it up' then I opened the rest of it and then I saw where you had to blow the other half up from.”

She continued: "When I realised there was a bloke on the lilo I thought it couldn't get any worse.

"To blow it up from the mouth was another level but when I saw the other blow hole I just couldn't believe it.

"The model is wearing flesh-coloured pants. I've got a phobia of pants as well, I don't like them at all, that's probably the worst thing you could have put on the lilo.

"As they're flesh coloured, if you have a quick glance he actually looks naked.

"With the gaffer tape on it looks like he's been gagged.

"I was just in hysterics looking at it. I couldn't believe I'd had to gaffer tape a lilo."

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Debbie said the situation had given her and pals online a good laugh – and she conceded it's the best fiver she's ever spent.

She said: "He has to be face down when we use him in the pool. My daughter won't even go near it, she thinks it's absolutely disgusting.

"I think it's hilarious. I ordered another one and gave it to my dad for father's day – my dad has a really good sense of humour.

"It turned out to be my best online purchase ever, it's given all of us such a good laugh.

"It's well worth the money I spent on it, I would never want my money back."

French Connection and eBay have been contacted for comment.

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