Mum reveals simple trick to double drying space for clothes

There’s nothing quite like the smell of laundry that’s been freshly air dried.

But when you do a couple of loads, finding space to hang it all can be difficult.

One mum has revealed how she managed to hang almost double the items on her airer with a simple trick.

In a TikTok video, Liesl Elizabeth, who posts as @cleaningfreak_cleaningco, shows her airer used the traditional way, with 32 items squeezed onto it.

She says that putting them on too close together leaves everything ‘wet and crinkled’.

But by getting some lightweight hangers and placing them on the end of each bar, she manages to get 73 items, with enough space for everything so there are fewer creases.

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‘This is my top wet laundry hack,’ Liesl wrote on TikTok.

‘I used to get 32 items on the line squashed and crinkled, with no room for the rest.

‘Now, 73 items are drying quicker, crease-free and so they’re easier to hang.’

It also means she can easily lift all the items on hangers and put them away straight away.

Of course, using light hangers and clothes is best as anything heavy might overload the airer, causing it to snap.

Others loved the idea and said it looked much more efficient.

One person wrote: ‘Such a good hack.’

Another added: ‘Can’t believe how many clothes you can get on there omg.’

‘Impressive,’ someone else said.

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