Mum shares clever supermarket trolley hack which doesn’t require £1 coin

A savvy mum has shared a trick to avoid lugging around the supermarket with a heavy basket even if you don't have a trolley token or a £1 coin.

Self-proclaimed "Bargain-loving YouTuber" Holly, who often shares different life hacks and money-saving tips on the channel, posted the simple trolley hack on her TikTok to show her followers how it can be done with 20p coins instead.

She said in the clip: "If you need a trolley and don't have a token or a pound, you can just use two 20p pieces and it works exactly the same."

She then stacks the two 20p coins together and slides them into the slot until a "click" sound is heard.

Within a second, the chain was released and Holly pulls out the trolly at ease.

The idea is to join the two coins together which creates the same coin thickness as a one pound coin or trolley token.

Her clip has racked up more than 122,000 views and some were tempted to try out.

Surprisingly a few of them said they have tried but ended up having the money stuck inside the trolley.

One said: "I tried this before and it never worked."

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Another one wrote: "Ah this didn't work at my local Aldi and I now have money stuck in the trolley."

A third was fascinated by the idea and suggested: "Omg you could use this in rides or vending machines."

"I always used to do that!" a fourth added.

If you don't have any coins with you, you can also try using the back of a key.

An Asda customer shared the trick on Twitter and explained that it had to be in a round coin shape.

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