Mum whose daughter was in nappies at 4 has no plans to potty train 2-year-old

A mum doesn’t believe in pressuring children to be toilet trained.

Laura Mazza’s four-year-old daughter is still in nappies – and she has no plans to get her two-year-old on the potty until he’s ready either.

The 33-year-old blogger, from Melbourne, wants her kids to reach the milestone “in their own time”.

On Instagram, she said: “I spent an hour on the phone for my nurse check up for James. They check up on your child’s development from birth till around four-years-old.

“I spent an hour telling her that he is literally a genius child. And believe me, I’m not one of those parents who think the sun shines out of their kids butts.

“He’s just adjusted to life being the third child and he was quicker than his siblings with talking and walking. I told her how he strings sentences together, practices empathy, plays well, eats by himself, all these wonderful things.”

Laura continued: “And honestly? I have been avoiding them. The appointments.

“Every time I’ve had one I’ve always somehow felt bad or inferior, but I thought, what can go wrong?

“And there it was, even after smashing milestones, there was even more that I had to do, MORE that I should be doing.

“She asked me if my just turned two-year-old was toilet training.

“Well, no. He’s not ready.”

Laura wasn’t happy that the nurse encouraged her to “force” her child into potty training.

She added: “Then she told me about how I should encourage him, read him books, sit him on the toilet. Basically all the ways I should force him.

“There is this obsession with forcing children to grow up, to walk to talk and to go to the toilet by a certain age. Why?

“I said, no I’m busy teaching my four-year-old to feel comfortable around the toilet because she was once forced by a ‘professional’ and she is on the spectrum. He is not ready and when he is that’s when I’ll support him to do it.

“This is why mothers, especially new mothers feel inferior. For s*** like that.”

Laura had some words of advice for other parents out there.

She told them to ignore the pressure to make their children develop at a faster rate.

The mum concluded: “Unless there is something worrying you about your child’s development, chill out and tell all the Bettys, or Sharons of your mothers group who are telling you what you should be doing to go shove it.

“Kids get it in their own time, when they are ready, and you are ready.

“Do not feel guilty for milestone crap. Let kids be kids. You’re doing an amazing job!”

Laura’s post racked up 500 likes and dozens of positive comments.

One responder wrote: “I needed this more than you will know. thank you.”

Another said: “Good on you for saying it as it is. Each child is different an develops at their own pace.”

And a third added: “You are giving strength and confidence to so many mums and dads.”

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