Mum’s horror after stranger in face mask picks up daughter from school

A mum has shared a terrifying experience to warn parents of "stranger danger" after a teacher mistook a stranger wearing a face mask as her daughter's granddad.

Jessie Harris Bouton, from New York, was left mortified when she showed up at a pre-school to find her toddler girl, Lola, was missing.

In a video on Instagram Instagram, she said: "The teacher explained that Lola was reluctant but she assumed it was [her grandfather] because Lola was disappointed I hadn’t picked her up.

"I had a funny feeling. I arrived home to find NO LOLA with my father-in-law."

Wasting no time, she called her family members as she raced back to the school and 15 minutes later, Lola returned.

It turned out the elderly gentleman mistook Lola for his own granddaughter who he regularly picked up from the pre-school and it was all an innocent mistake.

"It's crazy that the man didn't notice it wasn't his granddaughter," she continued. "It's crazy the school doesn't have a policy in place to ensure a mistake like that doesn't happen.

"It's okay to ask to see faces if they aren't sure it's someone they know."

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But the incident on Friday, March 26, led the mum-of-five to issue a stark warning to fellow parents.

"Please talk with your kids about stranger danger with masks," Jessie pleaded on social media. "Teach them to understand that adults can make mistakes too and to speak up and use their voice if they think something isn’t right.

"And lastly – things like this happen every day and so many aren’t as fortunate as me to get their baby back in their arms safely."

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