My boyfriend hasn't been able to get an erection with me for the past year

DEAR DEIDRE: I’VE been with my boyfriend for three years and for the past year and a half he hasn’t been able to get an erection with me.

I’m a woman of 39, he’s 43. Even since going to his GP, who gave him Viagra, there has been no change. He still can’t perform.

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He won’t come anywhere near me. It’s left me feeling really ugly and unattractive.

The worst thing is I know he has had a number of affairs with men while we have been together.

Although he admitted the first two, he insists he has been faithful for the past year when I know that is not the truth.

What can I do to reignite the passion and get him back?

DEIDRE SAYS: There can be medical reasons which explain why men lose their erections, so it is good your partner has gone to the GP to rule these out.

In many cases, erectile dysfunction stems from a psychological reason and if your boyfriend is having numerous affairs, then he has reason to feel guilty.

Why stay with someone who makes you feel miserable?

I’m sorry but your boyfriend is doing everything to tell you he doesn’t want to be with you any more.

You need to get out of this damaging relationship as soon as possible.

I’m sending you my support pack Moving On to help.

You will feel so much better once you stop searching for his approval. Good luck.

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