My Quarantine Routine: Becs, a medium now working through Facebook live

With people unable to meet up in person, communicating virtually has become much more important in our lives.

Before lockdown, Becs Sawyer was a medium working in venues and at parties in people’s homes throughout the south of England.

With everyone staying at home, she has started sharing online morning meditation sessions and evening spiritual gatherings through Facebook live.

Initially, she expected just a few people to join her but she now speaks to thousands of people every day and says it has been an amazing experience for her.

For My Quarantine Routine, she explains how she spent Tuesday April 21.

7 am

Before the lockdown I often did not see 7am. I would be fast asleep after travelling home late the previous night from a show, stopping at the all-night garage for naughty late night snacks and not getting to sleep until 2 am.

My mornings would start at around 9:30 am, but now I naturally wake up around 7 am, put on my favourite relaxing music and do my deep breathing exercise, finding, as best I can, that calm and peaceful place.

Then it’s the first look at Facebook (while still in bed) and replying to a few messages from the previous day’s Facebook live.

8 am

Out of bed and time for that beautiful first cup of coffee. It never gets any less sweet.

I am so blessed to live in a remote place and just sit, look at the sky and listen to the birds. I have a small apple tree outside my front door and watching the blossom grow is a joy.

Being near a major airport and on an international flight path, I am currently enjoying the silence during lockdown. It is a real gift. Then it’s time to get ready for the day.

9 am

The times we are all living through at the moment often have us expressing it through fear, anxiousness, frustration and even anger.

I created a little gentle meditation group on my Facebook page when the lockdown started to make a little bubble where people could join me to go within, find some quiet and peace from the outside world for 30 minutes.

From just 20 people, we now have often over 300 joining in each morning and I’ve had such beautiful feedback about what a difference it is making to people. It’s helping people start their day in a positive way.

10 am

The meditation session well and truly finished. It’s time for that second cup of coffee (are you noticing a trend here!?).

Then it’s in front of the PC to answer messages and chat. I have learnt so much during these changing times and people are searching for answers, support, a kind word, all of which I am happy to offer.

I am a little addicted to LBC and James O’Brien. I will try and catch at least an hour or two of his daily show to get a bit of daily news.

1 pm

Hooray – yoga time! I love yoga. I am rubbish at it, but I love it.

I give myself a little time to see just how ‘unbendy’ I am.

Of course, I miss the whole social aspect of heading off to class, but my teacher is doing online lessons which is great. I love the way we are all adapting to this new online world right now.

I admit that half the time I do my own thing. Never mind downward dog, have you ever heard of drowning dolphin? I’ve mastered that.along with crying crow.

2 pm

Time for that recommended half hour daily walk. I confess, maybe not everyday, but I get it out whenever I can. I am very lucky to live in the middle of nowhere and can get out for a walk in the peace of the countryside.

These days the skies truly seem a little bluer, the sky clearer and even the air smells fresher.

2.30 pm

Back home and it’s time to make that third cup of coffee. Writing this I’m feeling there might be a tad too much caffeine in my life.

I also answer more messages from the previous night’s FB live and do some work on my upcoming book.

4 pm

I go online for a Facebook Live five nights a week and so I start to get ready for the evening’s spiritual gathering.

I sit on the bed, blanket wrapped around me, relaxing deeply and just get a sense of what will be manifested later. Then it’s a cheeky nap.

6 pm

If you think I am wearing makeup when I haven’t got to leave home, that’s not happening so, it’s a quick shower and clean clothes.

No one is going to see the bottom half so it’s comfy trackie bottoms and a pretty top.

7:30 pm

‘Lights, Camera…Action’. We are on Facebook Live.

All things spiritual are rapidly increasing in popularity as many look inside themselves while the world they thought was normal gets turned upside down. People are seeking answers.

These nights bring people of all beliefs (and no beliefs!) from all over the country (and a few from overseas) together, as we share in discovering and exploring our own spiritual awareness.

Being transgender, I do attract the occasional heckler, but our group is so supportive we are never bothered by them – in fact sometimes they just stop their heckling and stay to listen!

On mediumship night – in a group of hundreds – there are many hoping to hear from a loved one in spirit, but for me it is about quality rather than quantity.

When I connect a loved one in spirit with family or friends here on earth it is a beautiful reunion, and even those who are not receiving a message enjoy witnessing what happens. The feedback is overwhelming and responding to messages can take hours each day.

We have and continue to build a beautiful and wonderfully supportive community where people chat to each other, support each other and keep in touch with each other. It is amazing. I never expected it to grow so much.

9:30 pm

After two hours, the live session naturally comes to an end and it’s time for me to come down from the day. This means a glass of wine or, three…oops. At least no more caffeine. Each night the live is different. 

10 pm

The next few hours are spent surfing through YouTube – some old 80’s hits, a little ‘Bright Insight’ (Check it out) and onto Amazon Prime, as I have discovered my favourite old show Ally McBeal is there.

And finally, sleep, but I have a mouse in the house somewhere, so I hope he is quiet tonight.

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