My sister is taking advantage of our newly widowed mum and using her as a babysitter

DEAR DEIDRE: MY mum is 76 and newly widowed, so she is lonely.

But my sister is taking advantage of this and getting her to babysit when it suits, though I tell her this puts Mum’s health at risk.

I am a woman of 39. I’m divorced and in lockdown I was the one who supported Mum and took her shopping over.

I was careful not to go into the house until we could form a support bubble.

My sister is 35 and married, with three children at school.

She drops them off for Mum to babysit, although two of them have twice been sent home due to other pupils testing positive for the virus.

I am so upset about the risk to Mum’s health but she won’t say no, as she needs some interest in life.

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DEIDRE SAYS: I quite understand these fears for your mum. But she is an adult and is capable of making her own choices.

Go through the coronavirus guidance at with your mum.

Point out to her that she could be seriously ill if she picks up Covid from one of the children.

But some older people would rather take the risk and better enjoy what time is left to them.

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