My stalker became my best friend – I was blown away when he opened up to me

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Most of us meet our closest friends in the usual ways – through friends, at work or school or at a club or hobby group.

If you’re a little wilder you might have met them while travelling or even through dating apps or on social media.

But, we’ll bet that very few people have a more bizarre story than influencer Cosmin Cernica…

Cosmin, a content creator and luxury designer with elite clients, claims to have become best friends with a bloke who was his “stalker” for a year.

The influencer who has more than 100,000 Instagram followers on his @cosmincernica page, posts all the details of his life online – from the events he attends to where he likes to hang out – but this caused has caused him trouble on occasion such as when he found himself being stalked.

Speaking to the Daily Star, the influencer said: “I have always loved social media and it can be such a special place to meet new people and seize different opportunities, so I am so lucky and grateful I can use it as part of my day-to-day job.

“I have met some really amazing people through social media that I can call my friends, including my now best friend. My best friend was actually my stalker.

"This might sound absolutely bizarre, but I nearly called the police on my best friend to get him arrested.

“Everyday I can think of how did our friendship blossom like this, because a lot of people wouldn’t give a stalker the time of day, but I did – and I don’t regret a thing.”

Cosmin often attends glamorous red carpet events, but it seemed so did his “stalker”.

He commented: “I would turn up to these events and I seemed to always see his face."

He added: “Of course, at the start I wouldn’t have noticed, but it became a pattern. I always noticed his face standing outside and I swear some days I felt he was following me down the street (although he never admitted this).

“He would always be lurking around at some point, and it was freaking me out.

“I thought it may have been a coincidence, or maybe even my mind playing tricks on me”.

Eventually, Cosmin decided to confront him because he felt intimidated.

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He explained: “There was a particular event in London I was at, where a fellow guest told me there was a guy outside asking if I was inside. That was it I thought, I finally was going to confront him because I was totally weirded out!

“Maybe it was the Champagne inside me talking, but I wanted to find out who he was and why he was everywhere I was.

“I went outside, only to find him sitting on a step. I walked straight over to him and asked him why he was asking for me, only to be told he wanted to thank me.”

He continued: “He was a fellow Romanian who left his home country to move to London to find who he was and create a new life, and said he wouldn’t have been able to do it without me.

“He had been wanting to meet me just to tell me that, and here I was thinking I was going to have to have him arrested!”.

Influencer Cosmin felt abashed, but added: “I was so taken aback from what he said, no-one had ever said anything like that to me before. These kinds of things don’t happen to me, I’m not Adele!

“I had no idea I had such an affect on someone’s life. The very same night we went out to dinner and the rest is history.

“He has now met my family, all my friends and my partner and it really was such a special, key moment to me.

“I still to this day can’t process my stalker is my best friend, and I still can’t to this day imagine what would happen if I actually did call the police!”.

Now, Cosmin wants people to five others more of a chance and not to make assumptions about people before meeting them.

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