Extremely popular in its native Japan, N.HOOLYWOOD still seeks to make an international splash each season by serving up approachable wares rooted in accessible silhouettes. Debuted as part of its CFDA membership, N.HOOLYWOOD’s TEST PRODUCT EXCHANGE SERVICE and COMPILE Fall/Winter 2021 collections are extensions of the motifs explored in prior offerings, incorporating founder Daisuke Obana’s far-reaching influences and new collaborations with the likes of PORTER and Converse.

The latest from COMPILE highlights a selection of recognizable silhouettes styled atop green bodysuit-clad models who dance and pose in pairs or alone. The lightweight materials are well-suited for the modular intent behind this lineup, wherein wide-lapeled blazers, generous knitwear, double-zippered jackets and oversized coats can easily be stacked atop the sweat-wicking shirting and cropped pants that appear throughout. There’s also another REBEL FABRIC BY UNDERCOVER joint effort, wherein N.HOOLYWOOD draws from Jun Takahashi‘s archives to reproduce a camouflage pattern from UNDERCOVER‘s 1996 collection.

While COMPILE focuses on minimally-branded wearables, TEST PRODUCT EXCHANGE SERVICE is more utilitarian, drawing from workwear and military styles with aplomb. This season sees N.HOOLYWOOD dipping into the “rainbow sideboys,” color-coded crew members onboard US Navy aircraft carriers. These bright hues inform much of the TPES goods, utilizing garment dyes to infuse bold colors into the quilted jackets, bombers, jumpsuits and cargo pants that appear throughout, complete with thematic patches and numbers.

All of the seasonal items will eventually land on N.HOOLYWOOD’s website, its domestic stores and internationals stockists.

N.HOOLYWOOD most recently joined two other Japanese imprints in remixing the retro-cool New Balance 57/40 sneaker
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