Nathan Henry shares pride in helping others by coming out on ‘hetrosexual’ Geordie Shore

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Geordie Shore star Nathan Henry has spent much of the lockdown alone.

The handsome 29-year-old purchased a house in his native Darlington last October, and has since been living with his two dogs for company.

However, when OK! Online caught up with him he was adamant that it hadn’t been a wholly negative experience.

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He’d been spending his time interior decorating, cooking recipes and “discovering the beauty of the countryside” on his doorstep.

But for Nathan, who first appeared on the hit MTV show back in 2015, the pandemic has also brought to the forefront an issue that he is very passionate about.

The reality TV star has long since been an advocate for mental health, and has appeared on podcasts and worked as an ambassador for charities.

He told us that he feels compelled to use his large platform to promote openness surrounding mental health.

“For me I literally feel that it is very important, especially being a boy, because a lot of men don’t talk.

“I’m very fortunate in the fact that I am very open about my feeling, my emotions,” he said.

The MTV star, who has 1.5 million Instagram followers, continued: “Although some people might sit there and think 'why are you sharing that on social media', I think its very important to be vocal and very important to be open because it encourages others to do so.

“Obviously with the platform and the following that I have, if I can just encourage one person to talk it might just save someone’s life.”

Another aspect of Nathan’s career which undoubtedly would have had an impact on many lives, is his journey to coming out as gay on the hit TV show.

LGBT+ stars are few and far between in the reality TV world, and the Northerner admits: “It would be quite nice to have other people in the industry like myself that I can talk to about stuff.

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"At the minute there is only a handful of us.”

Initially, when applying to be a part of Geordie Shore, he told show producers he was bisexual believing his true sexuality may dampen his chances of success.

When asked whether he regrets this, he has mixed feelings saying he did receive backlash from “some people from the gay community, who were like ‘come on Nathan just admit it you gay’.”

He continued: “That’s fine… but unless you are someone in that position and you're going through that struggle you can’t sit there and tell someone what they are.

“However, if I did do that [join the show as a gay man] would I have helped as many people as I have to come out? Would my story have affected people the way it did?

“In a way I sort of do regret it, but I sort of don’t, because me coming out on TV as gay, on a heavily heterosexual show, it’s helped loads.

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“And you’ve got to remember some people might not like Geordie Shore but the reality is it is shown across 36 countries, if not more, and it’s MTV’s highest grossing programme. Millions and millions of people watch it.

“It has not just helped a few people, it’s helped a lot.”

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