Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs Goes Plant-Based

American staple Nathan’s Famous is going plant-based. After serving over 100 years of New York’s favorite street foods, the company has announced a partnership with Meatless Farm to transform their age-old recipe with simple plant-based ingredients.

Nathan’s Famous assures that the flavor of their vegan-friendly dog has been perfected, ensuring that Nathan’s iconic hot dog can be enjoyed by all and fits within different lifestyles. James Walker of Nathan’s said, “We are looking forward to growing a new customer base with this partnership with Meatless Farm and know their high-quality ingredients are the way to deliver what our customers have come to expect of the original Nathan’s Famous hot dog.”

Throughout the next couple of months, Nathan’s Famous plant-based hot dogs will be available in 13 stores across the New York tri-state area, as well as the original world-famous Coney Island location. Those interested can purchase a hot dog kit that comes with six buns and six plant-based hot dogs and a bottle of Nathan’s Famous deli mustard for a total of $44.99 USD online at Nathan’s. Nathan’s Famous plant-based hot dogs can now be enjoyed in select restaurants nationwide starting this summer.

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