Natwest online banking hit by major outage affecting millions of customers

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The UK bank Natwest is reportedly experiencing a major server outage that is stopping customers across the UK from accessing essential banking services.

Hundreds of customers have taken to the site DownDetector to report issues with online banking services since around 08:45AM this morning.

The majority of these reports say there are issues with the mobile app and online banking.

Some users are also saying they are struggling to access the RBS app. RBS is part of the same banking group as Natwest, which could suggest a bigger technical fault.

Although users are reporting issues across the board via DownDetector, Natwest's official service status website says that all its platforms are in good working order.

Customers have taken to Twitter to complain about the issues, with many reporting that their mobile app is getting stuck on a 'verifying device' loading screen or even receiving a formal error message.

One customer, Gina Hobbs, tweeted: "Is there some problem with the app I can't get on it today? It's v slow and I am getting the msg below."

One user even wrote: "The Natwest app has gone down this morning. It's not a Russian cyber attack is it?"

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The bank's online technical support on Twitter hasn't issued a public statement confirming any issues, but has been replying to user complaints offering to help. It told one customer:

"This is a recent incident that has just occurred, rest assured we will get the issue resolved ASAP so please try again in a little while. We greatly appreciate your patience with us, many thanks!"

This is despite customers receiving error messages which say: "We're sorry, some kind of error has occurred when trying to establish a connection between your device and ourselves."

Natwest has been approached for comment and their response will be added to this page as soon as it is received.

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