Neil Ruddock reveals he’s had pacemaker fitted as he thanks Paul Merson for Harry’s Heroes booze intervention – The Sun

NEIL ‘RAZOR’ RUDDOCK has had a pacemaker fitted after his explosive row with Paul Merson on Harry’s Heroes.

Merson told Ruddock his drinking was “out of control” on the popular TV show, with the ex-Liverpool star lashing out angrily in response.

They kissed and made up later during a tearful talk where Ruddock apologised for his behaviour.

And the ex-footy ace has now thanked Merson for his intervention, admitting he was in a “bad” way.

Ruddock also revealed he has since been fitted with a pacemaker and praised Merson for having the “balls” to stand up and tell the truth to his face.

Speaking to Merson on Instagram Live, Ruddock said: “We had a lovers tiff and I know the way you are you’d be sitting back going ‘Oh I shouldn’t have done anything’.

“But looking back I want to thank you for pulling me up and having a go at me.

“Since the dust has settled I’ve realised you did it because you care, you care about me.

“I admire you for having the balls to do it, not many people would have had the balls to do it.

“I didn’t realise how bad I was, my heart was.

“And since the show I’ve been fitted with a pacemaker.

“I know the way you are, I don’t want you panicking thinking you shouldn’t have got involved.

“But I’d like to thank you for doing that mate.”

Merson responded: “Thanks, getting into your business I felt a bit bad.

“But then I thought no you’re my mate, I care for you.

“I took a chance, I was with Dave Seaman and Mark Wright and thought they’ll stand up.

“I was worried, I was like woah. They were tucking into their croissants. I thought: 'I’m in trouble'.

“We’ve known each other since we were 16. I was in that position a year before, it’s hard.

“I felt like I had to say something. I’m glad I did.”

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