Netflix Taps BEAMS for Graphic-Heavy Apparel Capsule

Netflix has tapped BEAMS for an expansive graphic-emblazoned range of apparel. One half of the capsule is decorated with the streaming giant’s logo, while the other half nods to Netflix’s original anime series EDEN.

One noteworthy piece is a long nylon cushion stamped with “NETFLIX” branding, etched in bold red letters. On the other side of the piece is BEAMS’ logo in orange. Another highlight is a black T-shirt that’s been printed with the word “BINGEING” as a cheeky nod to Netflix’s services. In contrast, the EDEN merch features white and blue T-shirts, long-sleeves and bags imagined with futuristic graphics to reference the show’s dystopian narrative. Other pieces like the black five-panel hat, a bandana, crewneck sweater, a messenger bag, and pocket T-shirts round off the assemblage.

Netflix and BEAMS’ 2021 capsule is currently available on BEAMS’ website, ranging from ¥3,300 – ¥8,200 JPY (approximately $30 – $75 USD).

In case you’re interested, here’s a look at the official trailer of Netflix’s EDEN.
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