New Edition’s Ralph Tresvant on his first and worst splurges

New Edition wore their own clothes for their breakthrough “Candy Girl” music video back in 1983.

“We did not have a wardrobe budget, so those clothes that you see in that video, that’s what we were walking around in,” the R&B group’s lead singer, Ralph Tresvant, told Page Six Style.

“When we first started making money, everybody was doing the nameplate chains and rings. It was all about Adidas, Jordache jeans with the Lacoste shirt and the Gazelle glasses back in the day, it was that vibe.”

Thanks to New Edition’s success, Tresvant, now 52, was able to purchase a Porsche with pink leather seats and burgundy trim at the age of just 17 — but he doesn’t remember all of his early splurges quite as fondly.

“I just started getting things people got when they were fly, but the thing I couldn’t stand was this waterbed,” he recalled.

“That would have to be my worst purchase I ever made. Every time you got on it, it had to rock five minutes before it got to settle. You couldn’t wear jeans on it because it started to poke holes, and you came out smelling like old mildew. I just couldn’t stand that thing.”

Tresvant will appear on UMC’s “A Closer Look” on November 5 to discuss his career with New Edition in depth.

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