Noah Syndergaard uses MLB coronavirus deal to explain landlord frustration

Noah Syndergaard is now using MLB players’ coronavirus salary deal to explain his stance in his legal battle with a New York City landlord who claims the Mets pitcher failed to pay any rent on the $27,000-a-month Tribeca penthouse he signed for.

The 27-year-old, righty — who is being sued for the full lease value of $250,000 — tweeted earlier Sunday that he “fairly, and in good faith,” offered to pay two months rent (more than $50,000) for a place he was never going to use because of the pandemic.

That didn’t seem to be a good enough answer for one Twitter user, who tweeted his displeasure to Syndergaard late Sunday night.

“Yeah the guy is a monster for wanting you to live up to a lease agreement signed by both of you,” @GunterDawg99, who’s display name is Chief. “How would you react if the team suddenly said yeah nah to your contract?

Syndergaard responded by using the example of MLB players changing their contracts and agreeing to be paid a pro-rated amount if the currently shutdown league is able to play games this season. If that agreement will even stand is still being debated by MLB and Players Association.

“You mean like MLB did to every Player this contract year due to the Covid pandemic? “Which the players negotiated and excepted to be paid on a pro rated basis per games played because it’s fair for both parties?” Syndergaard wrote. “Like that? Did I scream BUT MY CONTRACT? No. Just shut up Chief.”

He is currently in a Florida rehab facility working his way back from successful Tommy John surgery. Syndergaard, who went 10-8 with a 4.28 ERA in 2019, was set to make $9.7 million this season before the pandemic hit.

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