Nurse tricks daughter with incredibly realistic roast dinner birthday cake

When it came to her daughter Paige’s 15th birthday, mum Kym High decided to put a twist on her favourite dinner.

Instead of cooking up a full roast dinner, she made her an incredibly realistic cake to look just like one.

And when Paige spotted the cake, she was convinced it was real and was disappointed that her mum had cooked it up just after she’d finished a Chinese takeaway.

Nurse and mum-of-two Kym created the whole thing by hand and then painted it with foog colouring to make it even more realistic.

The 36-year-old, from Bracebridge Heath, Lincs., said: ‘My daughter didn’t know it was a cake when she saw it.

‘She thought it was an actual roast that I’d made just for her even though she’d just had a Chinese.

‘She was really shocked because I’ve never done anything like it and she wasn’t expecting it.’

The complicated cake was a bit of a struggle for Kym as she had to do it between her nursing shifts and only when Paige wasn’t around.

She said: ‘Getting it done without her seeing was difficult.

‘It took me over a day but I had to do it between nursing shifts and when Paige was watching a film or out for a meal with friends.’

Each piece of the cake is edible, with chocolate fudge cake meat, veg and a Yorkshire pudding and pink sponge stuffing balls.

She said: ‘It was all hand painted.

‘Everything was done by hand, all of the moulding and sculpting.

‘I diluted food colouring with vodka to make it paintable and did lots of shading.’

Although she loves baking, she isn’t able to do it as much as she would like because of her job but she has already set her next challenge – a realistic burger cake.

‘I definitely want to start baking more after lockdown and when work calms down.

‘I haven’t made a cake for a couple of years because I’ve been so busy but she’s had a tough year so I wanted to cheer her up.

‘I just thought what can I do that she loves, I thought about McDonald’s but a roast is her absolute favourite.’

Kym has posted her creation online which has racked up almost 1000 likes.

Kym said: ‘The reaction online has been amazing.

‘I posted it and within half an hour I had 600 likes and some lovely comments from people saying they’d had to look four or five times because they thought it was a real roast dinner.

‘I’m my own worst enemy because it’s not how I wanted it to turn out and I keep thinking that the potatoes look plastic but people seem to love it.’

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