Nykaa Fashion adds home décor to its portfolio

Nykaa Fashion Home launches with a selection of interior must-haves and statement accessories, besides videos guides and tailored content

There is a lot happening at Nykaa Fashion. The multi-brand, e-commerce platform announced its first brick-and-mortar outlet at Delhi’s Ambience Mall, expanded its Nykd line to include athleisure, and acquired Pipa Bella as the first step into the jewellery segment.

And now, in June, they’ve added home décor as a new vertical, launching Nykaa Fashion Home (nykaafashion.com) with a vast and diverse selection of home essentials. “We believe shoppers are continuously seeking inspiration to uplift their lifestyle in ways that reflect their personal taste,” shares Adwaita Nayar, founding member and CEO of Nykaa Fashion. “On Nykaa Fashion Home, we are responding to this need with our thoughtful curation of brands that will guide shoppers in making elevated choices.”

As Nayar puts it, their offerings incorporate “a good balance of established and growing brands across masstige, premium and luxe categories” — from kitchen, storage, and bed and bath must-haves to statement accessories. Customers can also look forward to visual inspirations and video guides. “Rich, personalised and engaging content that provides inspiration, education and guidance will continue being an important part of our offering,” she adds.

Edited excerpts from an interview:

What are the discoveries on Nykaa Fashion Home?

Our selections have been put together after an extensive assessment of the landscape, and immersion in consumer insights. Our curations reflect the latest in décor trends such as minimalistic serve ware, brass planters, rustic rugs and more. We also have some interesting sub-categories like a large assortment of home fragrances, hand-painted storage jars and premium cookware.

To bring joy in discovery, we will enable shoppers to search items by room type, top brands on the site, everyday essentials, top deals, current trends, and more. To further make it a delightful shopping experience, we have included filters — so customers can quickly find what they need — and introduced buying guides for those who seek expertise on certain categories, such as bedding or glassware.

Can we look forward to curations from small, innovative studios?

Curating and building a strong portfolio of unique, lesser-known labels is something that Nykaa Fashion is known for. ‘Hidden Gems’, for example, is a unique section for labels that are extremely fashion forward in their design sensibility but do not have a national presence. We hope to replicate this for Nykaa Fashion Home as well. We already have a balanced mix of international and national brands, and some boutique labels such as Freedom Tree, Assemblage, MIAH décor, and more.

What is your personal aesthetic when it comes to interiors?

I had often heard that the joy of doing up your first home is unparalleled. This past year I had the chance to experience this first-hand, as I set up my home in Delhi. We went with mid-century modern, lots of greens and wallpapers. I prefer less furniture to more.

I strongly believe that spaces can influence your thoughts, well-being and sense of self, and so I ensured creating a space that is soothing, grounding and yet energising. From infusing greenery through a lot of indoor plants, putting together a gallery wall with our old family photos, to carving out a cosy reading corner for myself, I immersed myself in the tiniest details.

Nykaa Fashion has a lot going on now from the launch of Home to the acquisition of Pipa Bella.

We are addressing the evolving lifestyle needs of our customers through our multi-brand platform that offers fashion solutions across various segments and through our portfolio of owned consumer brands in categories like comfort-wear, ready-to-wear and accessories. The launch of Nykaa Fashion Home makes us a holistic portal offering end-to-end lifestyle solutions, so that the journey from discovery to purchase is always joyful and keeps consumers coming back for more.

Many platforms, including Nykaa, are creating their own content with fashion magazine editors, social experts, etc. Your comments.

Inspiring and educational content has been a cornerstone for Nykaa Beauty and now Nykaa Fashion. We focus on creating content and integrating it into the shopping journey. We invest in creating both visual content — via still and video shoots — as well as long form written content on our fashion blog. We are collaborating with a diverse set of people, from content creators and influencers, to fashion experts and tastemakers, while ensuring we are inclusive in our approach.

How do you scout your influencers — is it newer names and newer storytelling?

Working closely with influencers and content creators has always been an important part of our approach and we enjoy a collaborative partnership with many of them. We place a lot of emphasis on storytelling and co-creating authentic content that will best connect with our audiences while also bringing the Nykaa Fashion experience to life.

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