Olly Murs given just ‘hours’ to save his leg after emergency hospital dash

Olly Murs revealed a routine operation left him fearing for his leg last year after docs raised concerns he could have fatal blood poisoning.

The 36-year-old singer said doctors urged him to come to London for an operation on his leg, confirming they needed to save the limb in a matter of hours.

Olly had a metal plate inserted into his leg three months prior, only for docs to fear he could be suffering from sepsis.

Despite the terrifying hospital dash, Olly decided against telling his girlfriend Amelia Tank, 27, what had happened, as she was enjoying a weekend away in Ibiza.

Speaking to The Sun, he recalled his surgeon telling him: "You need to come into London now. We need to operate within the next couple of hours. Go and get a bag."

Olly told the publication: "They had to open me up again in case the infection spread. So it got nasty."

Once he recovered from the second op, Amelia visited Olly in hospital – where he couldn't help but pick up on her hangover from her hen party weekend on the Spanish party island.

He said: "All I could smell was the alcohol. She couldn't even speak — she'd lost her voice.

"I think if anything she needed the bed more than I did. Bless her, she just looked like when you come home from a really heavy weekend."

Thankfully, with the sepsis scare dealt with, the Voice coach has been able to rest at home, with bodybuilder Amelia keeping him company throughout the lockdown.

Olly underwent the initial surgery in June of last year, fixing a torn ligament from a historic injury on his knee.

A former football ace, Olly's career as a semi-pro with Essex Isthmian League team Witham Town came to an abrupt end in 2009, when he hurt his left knee.

The following year he went on to find international fame as a contestant on X Factor, and the rest is history.

Musing over the injury, Olly recalled: "Back then I didn't have any money to do the operation or get the physio afterwards. I needed to pay the bills."

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