One Foot in the Grave star Richard Wilson suffers memory loss after brain-bleed

Richard Wilson has revealed his memory has been slightly "destroyed" in recent years, after falling and hitting his head near his London home.

The veteran actor, 84, recalled suffering a heart attack four years ago, which saw him fall from a balcony in a cafe in Hampstead.

Thankfully, he survived the heart attack, but the impact of the fall has left a lasting impact on his memory.

One Foot In The Grave star Richard suffered a bleed in the brain during the incident, which has led his memory to deteriorate, as reported by The Mirror.

Speaking to Oldie magazine, the Brit actor admitted he has become "more forgetful" since the health scare.

He said: "I do get quite tired about not being able to walk as I used to and having to use a stick, but that is frustration more than grumpiness.

"The same goes for my memory, which has got worse since I had a heart attack four years ago in Hampstead, where I live.

"I fell off a small balcony while I was waiting to meet a writer for coffee outside Maison Blanc."

He added: "As I did so, I hit my head, which caused a bleed in the brain. That's why my memory has been destroyed a bit. As a result, I am more forgetful – but not more grumpy."

Originally from Greenock in Scotland, Richard first worked as a research assistant in a science lab before deciding on a radical career change.

At the age of 27, he became an actor, training at RADA and enjoying a variety of theatre roles.

However, it was the 1990 debut of One Foot In The Grave that cemented his star status, playing the curmudgeonly Victor Meldrew.

Though he initially turned down the role, he was a popular fit for the character, coining a number of "Victor-isms" such as his catchphrase: "Unbe-lieeeve-able!"

The series ran for a decade, with the final episode airing in November 2000, leaving its mark on British television history.

Since One Foot In The Grave wrapped, Richard has enjoyed a colourful variety of roles, from voice work in the hit animation Gnomeo & Juliet to appearances on Doctor Who and Would I Lie To You?

More memorably, he starred in the wildly popular fantasy-adventure drama The Adventures of Merlin, playing Merlin's guardian Gaius.

And, he has made several returns to the stage, going back to his roots in productions of Uncle Vanya and Forty Years On.

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