One of my boobs was D-cup and other was H – it was so painful I got reduction

A woman who underwent a breast reduction finally feels "free".

After struggling with the likes of back pain and boob asymmetry, the woman known as Cloud decided to opt for surgery.

Cloud had triple D and H breasts and 'couldn't take' dealing with the imbalance much longer – as it was the thing that 'bothered' her the most about her boobs.

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She decided to document her journey to getting smaller knockers – and has now gone viral on TikTok.

In the clip that has racked up hundreds of thousands of views, Cloud stood in a sports bra to show what her bust looked like before.

She shook her head and had a sad expression on her face as she wrote: "Watch my breast reduction before and after."

Cloud slipped into a crop top and white bra to show the asymmetry of her breasts, lifting them up with her hands to show they'd lost their perkiness.

Fast-forward to after the procedure and Cloud looks like an entirely different woman.

A smile lit up her face as she flaunted her chest in an array of bras and crop tops that fit her much better than before the reduction.

She posed with the peace sign and giggled at the camera while showing off the results.

"Best decision I have ever made!" she admitted in the caption. "I feel free!!!"

Cloud added that she's experiencing much less pain nowadays, noting: "My back is soo happy!

"People used to tell me I was exaggerating all the time!! As soon as I woke up from surgery I felt the relief…it was AMAZING!!"

Many people fled to the comments to congratulate the TikToker on her new boobs – and many could relate to her.

One person commented: "Got mine done 24 years ago!! I'm 52 now and no regrets!!

"They still look great and I feel great!!"

Another user added: "I am so so happy for you.

"I am so excited for my surgery honestly so hard and I’m so excited to feel comfortable in my body."

While a third said: "Best thing I ever did over 20yrs ago now.

"The relief for your body is instant. People don’t realise how painful big boobs are."

Someone else shared: "Omg I have the same problem the no match boobs one is bigger then the other I want to get mine done sooo bad."


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