Opinion: Love Island 2021 is a toxic lad’s heaven – here’s why


Douchebags and toxic lads are the theme for this season of Love Island and it not only results in some infuriating 45-minute episodes but also some “I’ve got to laugh, or I’ll cry” moments as you watch your own dating experiences play out on screen.

I know I’m late to the party since we are halfway into this week and you might have forgotten what happened last week, but I’m here to raise your hackles once more because last week’s episodes of Love Island were a big ol’ personal attack.

The top of my hit list is resident f-boy, Toby. Considering he’s already shown his true colours by doing the dirty on our favourite girl, Kaz, I don’t know why my expectations for him were raised even slightly off the ground, but I guess that’s why he’s a f-boy because he’s full of disappointments.

Last week, Toby, or Tobias if you will because he’s in trouble, did what a f-boy does best. He dumped his current beau for the new girl simply because she did a better job at stroking his ego. And if your jaw hadn’t already hit the floor, don’t worry, it will, because instead of admitting what he did was shady as heck, he called it a “test”.

A test! Oh, Toby. I must have missed the memo where we decided to call cheating a “test”.

True him and Chloe weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend, but they were sharing a bed and for him to “get to know” the new girl right under her nose while pretending he was doing nothing wrong is cheating behaviour.

The whole catastrophe caused a divide in the villa. Was Toby being a classic f-boy or was he just doing what he is meant to do on Love Island – getting to know women until he finds the “one”? Whatever you think it is, I for one, think it hit far too close to home and have decided to call out all the f-boys in situationships.

Lads, getting to know other women while you’re already coupled up with one is not a test. It’s hurtful, cowardly, f-boy behaviour. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

But enough about Toby, he’s had enough attention. Let’s talk about Danny.

The minute this man came on screen a shiver of bad vibes rolled down my spine. I think it was the haircut, but it could have been the eyes looking at our Love Island ladies like they were objects.

Long story short, Danny coupled up with Lucinda and more or less claimed her as his property (gross, this isn’t the early 1900s), then he threw a literal pie in her face – during a challenge, because she hadn’t spoken to him all day. Is anyone else seeing the 10 million red flags? And to top it all off, he told Lucinda his dating tactic is to “knock you down a few pegs”.


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I honestly don’t even know what to say about Danny. Thankfully, someone else said it for me. After Danny was voted out of the villa (amen), Women’s Aid came to the party and pointed out his gaslighting, manipulative, possessive traits were typical signs of abuse with no place on TV and to seek help if your boyfriend is anything like Danny.

One of the weirder toxic lads in the villa is Aaron. I really tried to like Aaron, he had that nice guy thing going on but after he coupled up with Lucinda all I could see was his over the top flirting that kind of looked like he would start drooling any minute and was giving me massive “aw, do I not get a hug” vibes. Anyway, Aaron ended things with Sharon because she was too “fiery”, but what he forgot to say was “I don’t like girls with opinions”.

And to make matters worse, he then told the whole villa during a challenge that he doesn’t like girls with (wait for it), hair on their arms.

I have nothing. I can’t even comment. It’s so ridiculous.

Aaron is unfortunately not unique. Toxic lads all around the world have this mindset, which is why feminism exists – so the girls, the gays and the theys can voice their opinions loudly, write about why misogyny sucks, and sometimes grow out all their body hair.

To wrap this baby up, Toby, Danny and Aaron are my top douchebag/toxic lads from last week and they have left me convinced Love Island is not a social experiment at all but a “basic guide to red flags in men”. But with Casa Amor having started this week, I am anticipating the douchebag remarks and toxic behaviour is just getting started.

So, settle in babes, we are going to see quite a few “can we have a chat” moments this week.

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