Ozzy Osbourne admits he almost accidentally killed a vicar with drugs in cake

Ozzy Osbourne has confessed he nearly killed a vicar in his kitchen by accidentally drugging him.

The rock wildman, 72, made a hash cake and told ex-wife Thelma Riley not to let anyone touch it.

But when he returned to the kitchen a few days later he saw the clergyman eating the sweet treat with a cup of tea.

Ozzy said: “I put it in a tin and went to the pub and I said to my ex-wife, ‘Don’t let anybody eat this f***ing cake. It’ll be bad.’

“Anyway I came back from the pub a few days later, and I did a double-take – because the vicar was in our house, having a cup of tea in the kitchen with a piece of this cake.

“He was slumped in my kitchen – so I had to drag him out by his hair, push him in the back of his car, drive him to his door and then walk home.

“I didn’t see him for two weeks after that – and I thought I’d killed him!

“Then I saw him in a pub on a Sunday morning, and he said, ‘I must have caught such a dreadful flu at yours.

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“I hallucinated for three days and had to miss church.’ I was just relieved to see him. “

Meanwhile, the Prince of Darkness revealed he was lost for words when he met the Queen.

Her Majesty chatted to him at the Party At The Palace bash for her Golden Jubilee in 2002.

The Black Sabbath frontman added: “She looked at me and said ‘Hello. So this is what they call variety, is it?'

“I just stared at her. You see her on stamps, you see her in the paper every day, see her on the telly.

“But it’s such a weird feeling when you’re actually in front of her for the first time.”

It comes after Ozzy was spotted sporting new black locks in LA having adopted a fresh new silver fox look.

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