P1Harmony Performs Live on 'Rolling Stone on Twitch'

On the heels of releasing their second EP, Disharmony: Break Out, P1Harmony was one of the latest groups to bring their dynamic sound to Rolling Stone on Twitch.

Rolling Stone on Twitch hosted a special early morning stream to virtually welcome Keeho, Jiun, Intak, Soul, Theo and Jongseob from a neon-filled performance space in South Korea.

With two hard-hitting EPs and a movie in their name, they’ve already carved out an identity in the pop world. The group performed five tracks total from those EPs, the last two of which had full dance choreography: “Nemonade,” “Butterfly,” “If You Call Me,” “Scared” and “Reset”.

P1Harmony released their first EP, Disharmony: Stand Out, and a music video for one of their most popular songs, “SIREN,” in 2020 and have been hustling nonstop since then. They sat down with us between performances to talk about how they first met, their experience filming the movie P1H – The Beginning of a New World, their aspirations for the future of the group and of course their fans who they call “P1ece.”

P1Harmony also announced that they will have a free virtual international fan meet event on July 18th. Be sure to follow them on their Twitter to keep a lookout for any updates.

The Rolling Stone on Twitch team looks forward to hosting more incredible talent from around the world as the show rolls into it’s fourth month on air. Subscribe and follow the channel for more.

Check out the performance video above as well as P1Harmony’s latest music video for their track, “Scared,” below.


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