Package holidays could be twice as expensive after coronavirus as social distancing on planes sees average cost rocket – The Sun

PACKAGE holidays could rise in price by up to £1,000 per head due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Breaks could double in price once the lockdown ends due to hotels and airlines having to manage social distancing measures.

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Planes could have to block off middle seats for safety, reducing the number of passengers they can carry on holiday.

And even when guests get to hotels, there will likely be a raft of measures to try prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Low-cost airlines could also have to hike prices if businesses opt for conference calls rather than face-to-face meetings.

Hotels will have to increase their cleaning budgets to help manage the virus.

Travel insurance premiums could increase by 20 per cent, further boosting the price of the beloved package break, reports the Sunday Mirror.

Martyn James, from consumer website Resolver, said: “It’s likely the cost of overseas package deals will double.

"Even when they [customers] get to their hotel, there will be no buffet and all kinds of limitations around the pool.”

Aviation expert Matt Purton added the price of flights could rise by 30 per cent after lockdown.

Paul Charles ,from The PC Agency travel consultancy, said holiday prices will rise.

He explained “airlines will have to make more money from their economy passengers”.

Tough travel restrictions remain in place across much of Europe – despite nations beginning to reopen, with Slovenia becoming the first to declare itself virus free.

France, Italy and Greece have all now reopened their beaches – and Italy hopes tourists could return to help jump start its stagnating economy following the lockdown.

Ministers have said its likely summer holidays are cancelled this year – with many countries still have strict measures on the borders.

The UK is also planning to introduce a 14-day quarantine for airline passengers arriving from June.

Spain has banned tourists until at least June 15 – but foreign minister Arancha Gonzalez Laya has said they may not be able to return until 2021.

She said new guidelines for people to be able to board planes and buses safely will have dreamed up before international travel can resume.

However, popular holiday hotspot Benidorm has said it hasn't "given up hope" on British tourists returning to its beaches.

Britain's health secretary Matt Hancock admitted this week that summer holidays are "likely" to be cancelled amid the ongoing outbreak.

Speaking on This Morning, he said: "It’s unlikely big lavish international holidays are going to be possible for this summer.

"I just think that’s a reality of life."

The World Health Organisation has also warned of a second wave of coronavirus hitting Europe if lockdowns are eased to rapidly.

Dr Hans Kluge, the body's regional director, said that governments should be cautious when lifting restrictions and that now is the "time for preparation, not celebration".

He said a second wave of the killer bug, which has infected 4.5million worldwide, and killed more than 300,000, could hit Europe alongside an outbreak of other infectious diseases.

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