Paranormal investigator explains how to connect with ghosts this Halloween

It’s Halloween today, which means we’re loving everything that goes bump in the night.

And, what’s more spooky than ghosts and spirits from beyond the grave?

You can go further than watching scary films too… if you dare.

A Scottish paranormal investigator has explained to Daily Star Online how normal Brits can get in touch with the dead at home.

Jade Capasso, 28, tours haunted hotels, spiritual hotspots and historic sites and shares her paranormal findings with her Ghost Club Paranormal YouTube channel and Instagram followers.

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And she says that you can speak to spirits too.

Jade explained: “I believe more activity happens around Halloween because people are more open to the thought of the paranormal."

And, we certainly are as the days grow darker, the weather colder and pumpkins adorn our windows.

Jade said: “I’m sure there’s more seances happening and Ouija boards being used.

“As far as more spirits go, I think there’s the same amount all year round.

“It’s constantly spooky season for me anyway!”

To get in touch with the “other side” you can try going to a haunted spot, or try it at home to see if your house is populated by ghouls.

Jade said: “If you’re interested in having a paranormal experience then you can always try spending the night at a haunted hotel and turn on a digital recorder.

“Ask questions and, who knows, you might hear a disembodied voice replying to you upon review.”

You don’t need any complicated or expensive equipment.

Just take a regular recording device, turn off the lights and anything making noise like the TV or radio.

As Jade said, speak and give the spirits time reply.

You probably won’t hear anything in real time.

But, if you listen back to the recording then you may just wind up hearing someone from beyond the grave.

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