Parents love mum’s ‘brilliant’ hack that tests if her sons lift the toilet seat

A clever mum has revealed her ultimate plan to test if her sons lift the toilet seat.

Cathy, who shared the trick on TikTok, said that she regularly discovers a mess in the toilets despite her children claiming to follow the rules.

She got inspired by another user, who used cash to discover the truth, and decided to find out if the trick would work.

Cathy said in the post: "When you live in a house full of boys who all claim to lift the seat, let's see!"

The genius parent places a £20 note in a clear plastic bag and attaches it to the inside of the toilet seat rim before putting the seat back on.

The clip has racked up a massive 2.8 million views, with like-minded mums calling it "a brilliant idea".

One joked: "Your money is safer there than at the bank."

Another suggested: "You can also put your money in the toilet roll, because no one seems to change it."

"Brilliant idea!" a third wrote. "Did anyone find out yet?"

Two days later, Cathy shared an update of the test and went to check if the money was still attached.

She said she was giving her boys a 24-hour deadline.

In the video, she lifts up the seat and the £20 note is not there.

"My eldest son is off to buy himself some Vbucks," she said.

Cathy added in the comments: "To be honest I was expecting it to be still there for part 2. I'm sure he will lift it every time."

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