Patrick Mahomes’ innovative 2-handed chest-pass touchdown came after head coach Andy Reid looked for ways to make one of the toughest throws in the NFL easier

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  • Patrick Mahomes pulled of an incredibly speedy two-handed chest-pass to tight end Travis Kelce for a touchdown on Sunday.
  • The play happened so fast the Saints defense had little time to react before Kelce tumbled in for a touchdown.
  • Head coach Andy Reid said the unusual pass came from practice. "We just try to do the things that make sense," Reid said.
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Patrick Mahomes continues to find new ways to beat opposing defenses.

As the most creative passer in the NFL, we've seen Mahomes make every sort of throw, from a left-handed shovel to a bit of no-look flair to a toe-dragging touchdown in a must-win game. And those unbelievable throws are on top of the several brilliant plays that Mahomes makes look routine every day.

Simply put, there is no one in the NFL that gets a ball from point A to point B quite like Patrick Mahomes.

On Sunday, Mahomes' skill and creativity were on full display once again while facing off against the New Orleans Saints.

On the first play of the second quarter, the Chiefs were faced with second-and-goal from the Saints one-yard line. Mahomes lined up under center with a running back split wide to his left and four receivers set in a diamond formation to his right, with tight end Travis Kelce set at the bottom of the diamond.

Upon taking the snap, Mahomes threw a lighting-quick two-handed chest pass to Kelce, who, with the help of his fellow receivers blocking in front of him, drove forward into the end zone for the touchdown. The play was over before the Saints knew what hit them.

Watch closely — if you blink, you'll miss it.

According to head coach Andy Reid, Mahomes' two-handed chest pass was an innovation found through experimentation. Reid told Peter King of NBC Sports that sometimes the shortest throws are the most difficult to execute.

"One day in practice, Patrick did it, and I said to him, 'How'd that feel?' He said, good. So I said to him, 'Good. Keep doing it.'" Reid told King. "Not too complicated. We just try to do the things that make sense."

While it might be counter-intuitive, Reid is right about the difficulties of quick, short throws. Mahomes can make any throw on the field, but speed is key in getting the ball to Kelce at the goal line, and a chest-pass gets the job done without the hassle of a full throwing motion.

If it works, it doesn't matter what it looks like.

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