Peanut the sausage dog has surgery to walk again after he was paralysed

Peanut the miniature dachshund is just five but he’s already had five different homes.

Last year, he was rescued by Tricia Young, 55, and was living happily in his forver home, when suddenly he stopped being able to use his back legs.

He was diagnosed with intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) – a spinal disease which left him paralysed.

Tricia hadn’t been able to get him insured as he’d already been rehomed so many times in his short life.

But thanks to the kindness of strangers, she was able to raise £4,500 in just 36 hours for his treatment.

The little pooch underwent decompressive surgery last month, which involved having his spinal discs ‘shaved’ and left him with 13 staples in his back.

Peanut is now on the mend, although he still can’t exercise.

Tricia, from Prestwick, South Ayrshire, said: ‘Peanut was absolutely fine one day and then the next he couldn’t move his back legs.

‘I took him straight to the vets and they said he had intervertebral disc disease.

‘They said he would need to have his discs shaved because they were in a really bad way.

‘After he was diagnosed we were able to get the surgery very quickly, in the next five days because we raised the money so fast.

‘The community really pulled together to raise the money because everyone knows him and his history.’

Tricia was so desperate to get help for Peanut she even contemplated selling her car after vets told her the surgery would be life-saving.

But kindhearted locals manage to raise the money for the op in less than two days, with one donating enough money to buy Peanut a special pram so he could still get outside.

Tricia, who also has two lhasa apsos, said: ‘He has been rehomed four times already, I got him last year from my friend’s daughter.

‘She was working and he has really bad separation anxiety so I said I could take him because I already have two other dogs.

‘We had been working on his separation anxiety, but since he’s been back home after the vets it’s gotten worse.

‘He’s on the mend but still on limited exercise so I just take him everywhere with me in a pram and he’s happy with it.’

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