People reveal the VERY literal ways of following instructions

To the letter! Hilarious snaps reveal the antics of people who take instructions VERY literally

  • People taking instructions literally have been shared from around world
  • The literal instructions include stopping at a red light and being served ‘nothing’
  • Others praised how their children had out-smarted them on simple tasks  

There’s nothing wrong with following the rules but some people have proven to take things too far when it comes to abiding by instructions.  

Bored Panda has collected a selection of hilarious photos of people from around the world who have ended up in absurd situations while doing exactly as they’re told. 

They include a pedestrian pausing at temporary traffic lights after spotting a sign saying ‘when red light shows wait here’, and a coffee shop customer who received their order with their name ‘Brian with a y’, written on the side. 

Elsewhere, a man was spotted staring intently on the ground after spotting a ‘watch the step’ sign, while a husband responded to his wife’s request to put the pillow cases on by perching them on top. 

Amongst the photos collated by Bored Panda, one woman, believed to be in UK, was very obliging to the rules as she stood on the pavement in front of the sign for traffic which reads: ‘When red light shows wait here’

A man, believed to be from the US, posed while staring intensely at step in front of the very literal sign which tells him to ‘watch step’ 


One student, who currently lives in China, decided to save time writing a long answer by literally following the instruction of writing ’80-100 words’ 

Bryan, from an unknown location, was left eating his words after ordering an ice-cold Starbucks drink

Another clever employee, from an unknown location, was told to ‘make a sign’, opting to pen the exact instruction onto the blackboard along with a miniature sign that he made out of chalk

You can never be too cautious! One employee, believed to be from the US, decided to ensure customer safety by putting wet floor signs all over the supermarket

A customer on a Disney cruise, from an unknown location, told the waiter they wanted ‘nothing’ from dessert. And the waiter brought them the dish they asked for by piping ‘nothing’ on a plate

A mother, from Honolulu, Hawaii, was told to ‘cover up’ while breastfeeding in a restaurant. However the woman decided to adhere by the instructions by literally throwing a scarf over her head 

A makeup artist, from Chicago, told her brother that he could eat ‘half of her grapes’. However when she returned, she found each grape bitten into 

A parent, from an unknown location, was left baffled after telling their daughter to ‘weigh all of the ingredients’. However, instead of weighing them individually, she piled them all on the scales  

One husband, from an unknown location, was told by his partner to put the pillow cases on the pillows. And it seems he took the instructions very literally by placing the pillow cases on top of the pillows 

A tenant, from an unknown location, was told to ‘put in new fire alarms and not remove old ones’. However, they were left with a wall of alarms after taking the instruction literally

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