Piers Morgan launches fresh attack on GMB bosses after Meghan Markle controversy

Piers Morgan is not a happy bunny at all, as expressed in his latest column for the Daily Mail.

The 55-year-old former Good Morning Britain presenter says he has "lost his job" after giving his "opinion" on Meghan Markle.

ITV confirmed Piers would not return to GMB on March 9, announcing Piers had "decided now is the time to leave Good Morning Britain".

It has caused quite the debate – his supporters have argued he has been an advocate of free speech, with Piers now claiming his own right to free speech has been taken away from him.

During the bizarre and wordy rant in his Daily Mail column, Piers also slammed people who targeted his friend Sharon Osbourne.

After she defended Piers on her Twitter account she was met with a backlash of online users dubbing her "racist" for supporting him.

He wrote: "Sharon Osbourne was entitled to defend me without being deemed a racist.

"Just as I was entitled not to believe Meghan Markle without being deemed a racist."

Piers continued: "The fact we've both lost our jobs is not just an appalling attack on free speech, but it's also a terrible indictment of woke cancel culture b*****t and the stinking hypocrisy that lies at the heart of it.

"Every journalist and commentator in America should be as incensed as I am about this, because they could all be next."

Despite claiming he lost his job over his comments, he is still questioning if Prince Harry is happy with his wife Meghan, as Piers dubbed the Duchess a "social-climber".

Explaining the perspective behind his rants, he fumed: "I expected such disingenuous, self-serving wrecking-ball stuff from a social-climbing Hollywood actress like Ms Markle, but for Harry to publicly shred his family and the Monarchy like this, while Prince Philip was seriously ill in hospital, is so out of character for a man who once bravely served his Queen and country in war."

Piers then questioned why Harry is doing it, he said: "He can't be happy doing this, surely?"

Controversial Piers vowed to stand by his own words, citing "freedom of speech" while insisting there hadn't been anything wrong with choosing to "not believe" Meghan's version of events.

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