Princess Anne ‘challenging’ body language shows relationship with Royal Family

Princess Anne, 69, has thrown herself into her working royal role over the years. She has been seen out with Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and Prince Philip on many occasions. What is her relationship like with the royals?


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Princess Anne has committed to working as a senior royal for most of her life.

The royal passed on further education and went straight into the role when she was 18-years-old.

She is the only daughter of Prince Philip and the royals seem to have a few things in common, according to body language expert Judi James.

She told “Stoic, hard-working, practical, out-spoken and challenging to meet.

“Of all the Queen’s children, Princess Anne has always been both the closest and the most similar in terms of personality to her father Prince Philip.”

While Prince Philip has been retired since 2017, Princess Anne may have stepped up to offer similar support to the Queen.

When Princess Anne is out with the Queen, she shows personality traits similar to her father.

“Like her father, Anne appears to make the Queen laugh,” Judi added.

“Most poses between the two women suggest a shared sense of humour, bringing out a side of the Queen that we rarely get to glimpse.

“At a recent interaction, the Queen was erroneously thought to be telling her daughter off, illustrated Anne’s rather deadpan delivery with her mother as she let her know there were no more guests.

“She had a similar twinkle in her eye to her father and clearly supplied the kind of hands-off and unfussy support that the Queen always prefers.”

Her body language with Queen shows that the two women appear to get on well.


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The royals also have many shared interests, the body language expert continued.

She added: “Both women share a passion for horses and, off-duty, they will often dress in identical, country women-style, tweeds, wellies and headscarves.

“If the Queen hadn’t inherited the crown it’s likely it would be Anne’s lifestyle that she would have most love to embrace.

“Although the Queen does seem to have a soft spot for some of the glamour of royal life that is apparently an anathema to her daughter.”

Her bond with the Queen and commitment to the Royal Family may have also brought her closer to her brother, Prince Charles, Judi explained.

She said: “There were very little if any relationship-defining poses of the pair over the years, although recently there have been clues that suggest they might have been becoming closer.

“Anne and Charles will probably never be the closest brother and sister.

“However, they are beginning to look as though shared goals in terms of their love and sense of duty to their mother and a desire to sustain the image of the royal firm have brought them closer together.”

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