PS5 stock shortage across UK this week after Suez canal blockage delays

Brits won't be able to get a PS5 until May after the Suez Canal crisis, tipsters say.

The Ever Given cargo ship blocked hundreds of vessels when it became stuck in the vital supply route last month.

It appears many were carrying Playstation 5 consoles after UK retailers have moved back this month's restock release dates.

Monday will mark six months since Sony's must-have console hit the shelves in the UK last year.

Major UK retailers are now expected to experience a two week delay before getting new stock.

It comes as GAME reportedly changed its PS5 restock release date to May 27.

On Saturday @PS5StockAlertUK tweeted: “GAME have changed their release date to 27/05, officialising what we stated beforehand that the April restock dates were placeholders.

“This alone shows that we may not see any PS5’s from any retailers during April at all as we’ve also mentioned.”

A stock tracker wrote: “Not much happening right now. Major major delays in stock across all majors retailers.”

And PS5 Ireland Stock Alert @ps5_ireland wrote: "Good morning I know it’s looking all doom and gloom in terms of PS5 stock, this is due to recent happenings, i.e Suez Canal and other factors, it has led to massive delays.

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"Literally no store have been able to get stock since and April was/is supposed to be a big month."

Many frustrated gamers have vented on social media with some giving up on the PS5 or paying way over the odds for them second hand.

Helen Swallow said: "We went to CEX online and paid £680 for my autistic son… We were sick of queueing with no success since November… Worth the extra ££££……"

Mick Kelly wrote: "I've given up on Console Wars and bought a gaming PC.

"The same story every time a new console one is released!

"Obviously the Suze Canal is not PlayStations fault but releasing a product knowing it will be in short supply within hours is just the usual marketing hype."

In January retailers were on red alert as scalpers boasted they were snapping up thousands of PlayStation 5s to sell on at a huge profit.

The £450 games console has been out of stock in most shops since it sold out last year and when any store gets more in there is a stampede to buy one.

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Retailer GAME is now combing through new sales of PS5s after tricksters claimed they’d successfully used "scalper bot" technology to buy up thousands.

A spokesperson for the store said: "We have strong measures in place to help ensure that our ‘one per customer’ statement is maintained to allow individual customers to purchase."

Sony released two versions of the PS5 in the UK and Europe on November 19th, but it unsurprisingly sold out in record time.

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