Purrroud Celebrity Cat Ladies & Their Fierce Feline Companions

Taylor Swift

Arguably the most famous cat lady is Swift, who even received a cake with her three kitties, Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson and Benjamin Button, on top for her 30th birthday in 2019.

“Fur real guys this was my cake 🎂,” she captioned the cat-astic shot.

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Taylor Swift


The cat mom loves to post Meredith and Olivia on Instagram, although the latter isn’t always thrilled about it.

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Taylor Swift


The singer’s newest kitten is Benjamin Button, who doesn’t seem camera shy at all.

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Kate Beckinsale


The actress and life-long animal lover is obsessed with her Persian cats, Clive and Willow. They make plenty of cameos on Beckinsale’s Instagram, and recently debuted their Halloween looks.

“We are committed but slightly defensive about our choice to be a lovely big banana,” the star captioned her adorable clip.

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Kate Beckinsale


Oh, you thought Beckinsale only had one look in her Halloween cat closet? You must be new here. 

Here’s Clive rocking the cat nip out of this chic spider costume.

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Kate Beckinsale


Here’s yet another snap of Clive dressed as Chucky.

He’s also rocking pink nail polish, which is probably a sign that he’s not quite done with his costume changes.

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Martha Stewart


The lifestyle guru has “hundreds and hundreds of pets,” according to Today, including chickens, peacocks, horses, donkeys, and of course, her three cats Bartok, Princess Peony and Empress Tang.

Here’s Princess Peony captured during quarantine. Her mom snagged a photo of the kitty looking extra grouchy and wrote, “This is how I feel today.” 

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Kat Dennings


Dennings is BFFs with her cat Millie, and is totally cool with flooding her Instagram grid with her cute face.

“Adopt don’t shop,” the star wrote.

“And once you adopt, don’t make your cat be in videos,” she jokingly added.

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Alison Brie


Brie and hubby Dave Franco are parents to the sweetest brother-and-sister duo, Otis (a.k.a. Otis Henry Franco) and Max (a.k.a. Mad Maxine Fury Road).

How cute?!

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Lea Michele


The new mom is busy with her baby boy Ever Leo, born in August, but she’s always going to have love for her first (fur) baby Sheila, who may or may not understand the rules of hide and seek.

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Mayim Bialik


When your cat is on your quaran-team, there’s no need to social distance. Luckily, Bialik has three rescues — Addie, Frances and Nermal — so that’s extra kitten cuddles for the star.

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Kate Walsh


Any excuse to show off her handsome devils, Walsh will. But who could blame her, especially when she shines a light on helping cats by highlighting the Alley Cat Allies organization, which was created to help improve the lives of all cats.

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Hailey Baldwin


The model and hubby Justin Bieber welcomed felines Sushi and Tuna, which makes them a happy family of four.

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