Queen and Freddie Mercury did something The Beatles NEVER could says Brian May

May was joined by Adam Lambert and Roger Taylor in a globally streamed interview to launch the release of new album and film Live Around The World. It collects together their best concert performances from their last seven years touring the world together. The current Rhapsody Tour has been put on hold due to the current pandemic. May has always expressed his admiration fro The Beatles but he says his band did the one thing the Fab Four never could. 

Queen and The Beatles are not just two of the greatest and most iconic bands of all time. They are also almost unique in that they were made up of four members who all contributed significantly to songwriting as well as performing.

However, the Beatles split after barely a decade together, and not because their success was fading but rather because they driven apart by irreparable tensions within the band.

Queen openly spoke of their fights and disagreements but agreed they simply made the band stronger, contributed to the creative process and were evidence they had become a real ‘family.’

The rock band also went on to achieve something May “wishes” The Beatles had been able to.

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Freddie may be gone and John Deacon has withdrawn from the band but the spirit of Queen lives on with new frontman Adam Lambert.

May’s pride and joy in the endeavour is boundless: “The legacy lives on. I think Freddie would be so happy about that.

“We love each other and also the feedback and the energy you get back from the crowd, it keeps you going. Theres nothing like it.”

At 73, the Queen guitarist shows no sign of slowing down as the band stands alongside the likes of The Rolling Stones.

He spoke out about how The Beatles never had that chance.

May previously said: “Sound, lights, staging, moving parts, video content, magic tricks, monitoring, costumes, and … MUSIC !!!

“I was pondering today that it’s such a shame that the wonderful Beatles never got the chance to indulge themselves and their fans in such a fantasy. Touring life became uncontrollable for them after only a few years of massive fame.

“For us, we’ve had 40 years or more to develop and continuously innovate.”

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The Beatles only toured between 1964 and 1966. The final US Tour was marred by controversy over comments John Lennon had made about the band being “bigger than Jesus”, which alienated the powerful Christian elements in the country, as welll as technical issues.

The tour wrapped up on August 29 in San Francisco and the Beatles became a studio-only band until their split in 1970.

Through the Sixties live shows wodl typically only last 30 or 40 minutes with very little embellishment. By the time Queen started t make an impact the entire scene had changed, with shows evolving into concerts as we know them today.

it is, indeed, a tragedy that The Beates never had the chance to develop into a stadium band.

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Queen and Adam Lambert: Live Around The World is out now


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