Queen paid £2,650 for new corgi dog on popular pet website

A furry good companion! Queen paid £2,650 for new corgi called Charles on popular pet website – and the breeder claims she didn’t know who the pup’s owner would be but was told he’d have ‘the best life’

  • Queen got two new corgis as a lockdown present last week after sad pet death
  • It was reported the Monarch purchased one of the puppies from Pets4Home 
  • The Queen, 94, is mourning the death of her faithful corgi-cross Vulcan

Buckingham Palace reportedly found a corgi fit for the monarch on a popular pet-buying website which has been favoured by much of the country during lockdown. 

The Queen, who obtained two new corgi pups this week after a challenging third lockdown, purchased one of her new furry companions on Pets4Home for £2,650, where sellers lists their available puppy litters, The Sun reported. 

Seller Denise Thomas, 60, claimed she was not aware who the puppy, called Charlie, was for, but was promised the cute pet would have ‘the best life.’ 

It comes after a challenging week for Buckingham Palace, with Prince Philip still in hospital for a pre-existing cardiac condition, and the Queen’s grandson Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfrey imminent. 

The Queen (pictured with one of her corgi-crosses last year) has bought one of her new puppies on the popular website Pets4Home, from breeder Denise Thomas, 60

These two pooches were posted on the Pets4Home site and match the description and how much the Queen reportedly paid for one 

The Queen with some of her corgis at the Windsor Horse Trials (left) and walking with two of the dogs in the the grounds of Windsor Castle (right)

Breeder Denise had advertised her litter of two puppies online: Charlie, who was swept away to Windsor Palace, and his brother George. The Queen only took Charlie and it is not known where the other new puppy comes from.  

Denise’s son, Craig Skyrme, 40, told The Sun that a woman pulled up in a blackout Range Rover on February 26 to take the pup away, and wouldn’t reveal the identity of its new owner. 

‘She would only say he is going to a home in Windsor — but wouldn’t tell my mum who the owners were,’ Craig said.

‘My mum asked if it was anyone famous and the woman said, “I can’t say, but he’s going to have the best life possible”,’ he added. 

The royal has always been synonymous with pets and has owned more than 30 during her reign. Pictured: The Queen with one of the family’s corgis. The breed has been synonymous with the royal family since the 1930s

In 2012 Her Majesty’s dog Monty appeared alongside James Bond’s Daniel Craig in a clip for the opening ceremony of the London Olympics

The family had a strong hunch the corgi pup might be on its way to meet the Queen, who is historically very fond of the breed. 

Craig revealed the curious family googled the name of the woman who came to pick up the pup and saw she worked for the royal household, which allowed them to connect the dots. 

Craig said it was an honour to see their puppy selected to go live with the Queen and rejoiced it might appear in royal pictures in the future. 

According to the publication, Palace sources confirmed the new pup was indeed Charlie, but added he might have been given a new name. Skyrme admitted the dog was initially called ‘Charles’ due to the corgis’ royal associations. 

The pup, which was born on December 5, is described as a playful fellow who loves to play fetch, but would do well with some house training. 

It comes after Her Majesty’s loyal companion Vulcan, a dachshund-corgi cross, died a few weeks before Christmas last year

Craig admitted to walking in wet patches and that the teething pup had nibbled his way around a few items around the house.  

A source close to the royal household who was not named by the Sun revealed it was ‘highly unusual’ for the Queen to buy one of her dogs off a website and that Charlie must have been a very special pup. 

They added Her Majesty was very involved with the breeding of her dogs in the past and was a very responsible dog owner who always made sure the dogs were healthy. 

While the names and the genders of the dogs are unknown, it is believed the canines were a gift who are said to bring a lot of noise and joy to the Palace. 

They are also the first corgis Her Majesty has owned that are not direct descendants of her very first corgi Susan – which she was given in 1944 by her parents for her 18th birthday.

It comes as Buckingham Palace prepares itself for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s two-hour interview with Oprah Winfrey

The Queen’s love of dogs is well documented. One of her favourites, Monty, appeared alongside her and James Bond actor Daniel Craig in a skit for the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics.  Sadly, Monty died that same year. 

In 2018, her corgi Willow, who was the 14th generation descended from Susan, was put down after suffering from cancer. 

The new puppies are joining the royal household among troubled times, with the Duke of Edinburgh still in hospital.

The latest arrivals come as the Duke of Edinburgh remains in hospital for ‘treatment, rest and recuperation’ after undergoing a ‘successful procedure for a pre-existing heart condition’.

Meanwhile, the Queen’s grandson Prince Harry, 35 and Meghan Markle, 39, are on the verge of releasing an explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey.  

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