Reddit Is Ripping This Mom a New One For Refusing to Let Her Daughter’s Terminally Ill Dad Attend Her Birthday Party

Parenting with an ex-partner is not typically an easy feat, especially when said ex-partner walked out on the relationship after bringing a child into the world. The resentment held by the walked-out-on party is undoubtedly justifiable, but in some extreme cases — say, a terminal illness diagnosis — many would argue that the resentment should be put aside for the sake of the child making the most of their time left with their dying parent, deadbeat or not. That, in a nutshell, is exactly what this Reddit mom is dealing with.

Taking to the platform’s “Am I The A—hole” forum, the woman explained, “I’m a mother of a 16 (soon 17) daughter ‘Kelly.’ Her bio dad left when she was 4. It’s complicated but despite him being away he still sent money or had his family help from time to time. I still struggled a lot raising her til I met my now husband ‘Christopher.’ Christopher is like a dad to Kelly. He’s the only father figure she had.”

She continues, “However, I found out that she’s reconnected with her bio dad through his family (his mother) which I wasn’t happy about but I didn’t make a fuss about it. Then she started mentioning him often, going to visit him while canceling plans to hang out with us etc. Her justification is that her dad is sick and might be (I say might because she’s a child and may not know what it meant) terminal. She sees him at his friend’s house where he’s staying now.”

It’s understandable that this mom’s feelings would be hurt by her daughter choosing to spend time with the man that walked out on them — there’s a lot of resentment there, surely. However, her daughter is nearly an adult, despite her belittling her and calling her a child, and if she wants to restore the bond between herself and her father, that’s her decision. The terminal illness is a huge factor in this, too.

The mom explains the core issue, writing, “Christopher and I were planning her 17th birthday party at our house. Kelly told me that she’d like to have her bio dad come over to celebrate since he may not be able to be around next year. Christopher said no immediately. He said he won’t let that man come into his house which made Kelly cry saying that we were robbing her of a last chance to make memories with her dad after finally finding him again. I told her that I don’t feel comfortable having him come to the house and be in the same room as him.”

She continues, “Her stepsister said that both me and Christopher are overreacting and that Kelly wants her dad to take part in her birthday so badly. Christopher left the house and I snapped at Kelly and threatened to cancel the whole thing.”

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