Retail workers share hacks they use on customers to get out of trouble

Restrictions have eased and we're all now allowed to go back in the shops again.

However, that may have left workers feeling a bit rusty as they get back on the shop floor.

With this in mind, those in customer service have been sharing hacks they use to get them out of trouble with the public.

The conversation started on Twitter as one woman revealed a trick her colleague used to use.

The social media user – who goes under the user name @makaylathinks – wrote: "I once worked with someone who told customers 'Sorry, it’s my first day!' any time they messed up. For 2 years straight."

Her 2,481 followers were loving the tweet, however it quickly reached a larger audience as it went viral.

The post so far has more than 57,000 retweets and 743,000 likes as many other in the retail industry gave their own hacks.

One replied: "Best thing about retail work is when a customer asks you to check the back stock room and you go back there for a 10 minute break."

While another added: "My boss used to say 'Sorry my boss says I can’t do that.' She was the owner."

A third chimed in: "Is there anymore in the back'. 'No sorry everything is out on the floor.' A whole shipment in the back."

As a fourth added: "I have a co-worker thats says 'You're lucky its my birthday today!

"I get to have access to the best promotions!' He says it every. day. The dude is prolly a thousand years old."

A fifth concluded: "If you don’t lie to the customers constantly, you’re doing customer service wrong."

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