Roblox could be down because of a burrito as players complain of major outage

If your 12-year-old is throwing a tantrum today, here's why: Roblox has been down for about ten hours.

Reports of an outage began around midnight last night but, hours later, the popular game-making game is showing no signs of revival.

The company says it is continuously going on and offline, and seems unsure of the cause—claiming hackers could be behind it.

"It looks like Roblox’s internal apis e.g. thumbnails and games have been continuously going offline and coming back online. This could be a result of a DDoS attack on said internally used apis or a more generalised system fault," the company wrote in a tweet.

While engineers at the company rush to work out what has happened to the game, fans have taken to Twitter to speculate about the causes of the outage.

Many believe that Roblox is down because of a burrito promotion, which gave players a promotional code to get a free burrito from Chipotle. Some are saying that the servers were simply overwhelmed by demand.

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Others have complained about the length of the outage, which is coming up on twelve hours.

"I thought I'd dodge #RobloxDown by being ASLEEP, but it turns out that 10 hours wasn't enough time to fix it? What's going on???", wrote one user.

Roblox is one of the most popular games worldwide and has 43.2 million daily users. It's billed as a game-making platform that lets anyone create their own games and interactive experiences and share them with others.

It's big with younger gamers thanks to its multiplayer elements which let people play with their friends.

However, the game has been on the firing end of some strong criticism over its 'microtransactions', which allow players to purchase in-game currency and objects using real money.

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