RumChata Just Released a Peppermint Bark Liqueur, So Get Ready to Make a Christmas Cocktail

As our minds slowly go from all things pumpkin spice to all things peppermint, RumChata is standing by with a new Peppermint Bark variety. Whether you plan to use it in a cocktail, your coffee, or just pour it over ice, you’ll be sipping your way to all the Christmas feels.

The typical peppermint bark treat is made up of layers of white chocolate, milk or dark chocolate, and crushed up candy canes, so those are the flavors RumChata went off of to create the new liqueur. It’s made with Caribbean rum, dairy cream, and natural flavors. It’s rolling out in stores as we speak, so we won’t blame you if you can’t help but break it open early for a little pre-holiday celebration.

“RumChata’s family of brands will be on a full display this holiday for all RumChata lovers to enjoy,” Tom Maas, RumChata founder and master blender, said in a statement. “RumChata Peppermint Bark is going to be a huge hit while the holiday gift set provides a great way to introduce the brand to new consumers so they will be coming back for more all year-round.”

The RumChata Peppermint Bark is available in a 750-milliliter bottle for a suggested retail price of $21.99. It has 14% ABV, so it’s sure to be the festive beverage to get you through those fun (but sometimes stressful) family parties with a peppermint buzz.

In addition to the full bottle, you can get the Peppermint Bark flavor in a special holiday gift set (also $21.99) that includes a 750-milliliter bottle of the original RumChata, 100-milliliter bottle of RumChata Peppermint Bark, and 100-milliliter bottle of RumChata Limón, a flavor the brand released earlier this year that combines the creamy vanilla taste with lemon.

Sorry, Baileys, but RumChata just blew your nonalcoholic Peppermint Bark Coffee Creamer out of the water — when we don’t need to worry about driving, that is.

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