Russell Westbrook Brought a Woody Doll to Orlando to Remind Him of Son Noah: 'Missing My Man Man'

Since becoming a parent, Westbrook has been open about what fatherhood means to him. In a YouTube video from 2018 announcing he and Nina were expecting twins, Westbrook called fatherhood an "honor."

“Just, you know, having two girls is exciting in itself, but just having been able to be blessed and have more children I think is a complete honor and it’s a blessing to start there and after that as parents, I think we can take the rest so we’ll be fine," he said.

"He's always singing and dancing with Noah," Nina added of her husband. "He’s very hands-on; he helps a lot. He probably does more than I do when he’s around… wakes up early, stays up late, puts Noah to bed, goes to workout late at night."

Westbrook is currently nursing an injury to his right quadriceps, which the Rockets are hoping heals before the team faces the Oklahoma City Thunder in the first round of the NBA Playoffs next week. According to the Houston Chronicle, it's likely Westbrook will miss the first few games of the series.

According to the Associated Press, NBA teams will be allowed to invite guests to the Walt Disney World campus just before the start of the second round of the playoffs, a memo sent by the NBA on Wednesday detailed.

Most players will be able to invite four guests, including family members or “longtime close personal friends with whom a player has an established, pre-existing, and known personal relationship," the outlet reported.  Other qualifying guests include family childcare providers and security members.

The strict rules inside the NBA "bubble" are meant to keep players and staff safe from coronavirus, and the experiment has worked so far — the league has not yet had a single positive coronavirus test inside the Disney World campus.

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