Sam Asghari Comments About Miscarriage After Britney Spears 'Baywatch' Clip Backlash

Fans started harassing Spears after she shared a throwback video of her laughing and enjoying time on the beach in Mexico.

Apparently, there are gatekeepers to grief now. After Britney Spears posted a throwback video of herself laughing and having fun on a beach somewhere — even practicing the iconic “Baywatch” run — fans immediately started harassing her.

While it’s not immediately clear that her fiancé Sam Asghari chose to respond to the backlash Britney started getting almost immediately after sharing her post on Monday night, he did put up a post commenting on the miscarriage and their future together almost immediately afterward.

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It’s been just two days since the couple shared a joint statement to both of their Instagram pages revealing that they’d lost their baby. They expressed gratitude for the support of their fans and shared that they intended to continue trying to expand their family.

While Sam hasn’t posted anything new to his page since then, Britney has been fairly active, dropping a short clip of someone serving breakfast with tiny dishes, a “Sex and the City” quote and Avon lipstick. None of those seemed to cause much stir.

But on Monday night, she posted the throwback video of her on the beach, posing, smiling, laughing and generally having a good time. This, apparently, was one step too far. Perhaps it’s because it was the first of these posts to actually feature Britney herself, and she looked happy.

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Whatever it was, a certain contingency of her fanbase decided it was their responsibility to tear down a grieving woman as she processes that grief in the way that makes sense for her. Perhaps it’s as simple as wanting to recall a simpler and happier time? Perhaps she and Sam are trying to remain positive and look ahead.

Over on his Instagram Stories, Sam posted a message not too different from the initial one over the weekend, again stating that they appreciate the support of their fans. “We are taking things positively and moving forward with our future,” he wrote. “It’s hard but we are not alone.”

He again reiterated appreciation for everyone respecting their privacy and again stated their intentions to expand their family. He never addressed the trolls over on Britney’s post, but that could be because of that positive approach he was talking about.

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“You just lost a baby 😢😢,” one follower commented on her post, while another wrote, “Got over losing the baby fast?”

It’s worth pointing out that in her caption to the post, Britney wrote, “Trying to be sexy running like Baywatch 😳🤷🏼‍♀️😂 !!!! Pssss #TB to Mexico 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽 !!!” She couldn’t have been more clear that this is a “throwback” post, so it’s not like she was out doing this on Monday after losing the baby.

Also, it’s apparently from where she got pregnant, so she may be trying to recall happier times. Who knows, and who cares. It’s her grief and she has the right to handle it in whatever way feels right to her.

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“but whyyyyy,” wrote another follower, while another asked, “Is this a joke ? 😳” and still another shared the uplifting message of support, “so sickk.” Another seemed to get this was a throwback, but still chimed in with, “why post this fun bikini video when you’re supposedly broken up about your miscarriage?”

Still, Britney had her supporters and defenders in the comments, with one replying to one of her trolls with, “I forgot everyone grieves the same after miscarriage🙄.” Another pointed out, “she can still post and try to make her life some what normal while also wanting privacy.”

Still others had message of love and support for Britney herself, with one fan writing, “Girl we love you, take some time to mentally heal. You’ve been though so much trauma. ❤️”

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