Say Yes To The Dress: Mother-in-law compares dress to 'tablecloth'

Bride-to-be who wants to ‘wow her groom to tears’ clashes with her opinionated mother-in-law who compares her dream lace fishtail gown to ‘my nan’s tablecloth’ in Say Yes To The Dress

  • Sports presenter Harriet, 27, from Lancashire, is used to looking glam for camera
  • She is due to wed fiancé Tom in a French chateau so needs showstopping gown
  • Mother-in-law Sharon takes issue with bride-to-be’s potential dream lace gown 
  • They will appear in tonight’s episode of TLC’s Say Yes To The Dress Lancashire 

An opinionated mother-in-law compares the bride’s jaw-dropping fishtail dress to her ‘nan’s tablecloth’ in Say Yes To The Dress Lancashire. 

Tonight’s episode of the TLC show focuses on sports presenter Harriet, 27, who is used to looking glam for the cameras. But with her wedding to fiancé Tom due to take place in a French chateau, the pressure is on to take things to another level. 

‘I’m really hoping to find that fairy tale dress that matches my new name: Mrs Swan,’ she says. 

However, there’s a clash of opinion when her mother-in-law Sharon takes issue with her potential dream gown. 

‘I like the lace but I don’t like the bottom of that, it reminds me of my nan’s tablecloth, sorry!’ she says, as Harriet giggles to herself. 

Harriet (pictured), 27, from Lancashire, who is a sports presenter, is on the search for her dream gown in tonight’s episode of TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress

Hannah’s mother-in-law Sharon (pictured, second from right) takes issue with the bride-to-be’s potential dream lace gown 

With mum Shelley, future mother-in-law Sharon, sister Holly and best friend Kirsty in tow, Harriet pays a visit to the Ava Rose Hamilton Boutique to see if Gok Wan can make her grant her wish for a fairy tale dress. 

But straight from the off, the super stylist has his work cut out for him, because there’s a clear divide in the entourage.   

Shelley and Sharon wants to see her Harriet in a princess dress, but Holly and Kirsty are leaning more towards something more fitted. Either way, Harriet’s personal objective is clear: wow her fiancé to tears! ‘

I just want to make sure that I look extra special on the day, I want Tom to cry,’ she says. ‘If he doesn’t cry I’m walking back down and trying again!’ 

Sharon compares Harriet’s jaw-dropping lace gown (pictured) to looking like her ‘nan’s tablecloth’

With her wedding to fiancé Tom due to take place in a French chateau, the pressure is on for Harriet take things to another level. Pictured, in a potential wedding gown

With a handsome budget of up to £3,000, Harriet’s feeling the pressure to find something that her mum approves of, too.

‘My mum’s opinion matters so, so much, we’re literally besties!’ she explains. ‘If my mum says no to the dress today then it’s not coming home with us!’

With her entourage split between princess and fitted, Gok wants to bring some focus to Harriet’s thinking and see what she really wants, starting with a sparkly, sexy princess dress. 

‘She’s beautiful, I know it’s a lot of sparkle but I definitely want to try it on to see if I can pull it off,’ Harriet says excitedly, seeing the dress for the first time. 

With the gown on, the bride-to-be is blown away with the results. 

‘I love the sparkle so much, I love the waist, and I love the shape,’ she smiles. ‘Trying this one on, it’s kind of swayed me a bit more to the princess side.’ 

With a budget of up to £3, 000, Harriet feels the pressure to find something that her mum approves of, too. Pictured, in another potential dress

Harriet’s entourage are split between princess and fitted, so she tries on a selection of styles. Pictured, in one of the dresses

Downstairs, the gown makes a strong first impression and bring Harriet’s soon-to-be mother-in-law Sharon to tears. 

Meanwhile, mum Shelley beams with pride after seeing her daughter in a wedding dress for the first time. 

‘It’s a perfect dress for her, it’s very full and traditional, I’m having a proud mum moment,’ she says. 

But it’s a no from Holly, who thinks her sister can do better. 

‘You look beautiful in it, but I just don’t feel like it’s the one,’ she says. 

‘I think there’s too much sparkle, it’s distracting. You almost don’t know where to look,’ Kirsty adds. 

With that, Gok suggests moving on and trying something more fitted. Delivering on his promise of finding something sexy and body sculpting, he presents Harriet with a breath-taking fishtail gown with a detailed bodice. Wowed yet again, the bride-to-be’s anxious to try it on. 

‘It has that bodice that I have always dreamed of and some embellishments that would really emphasise my waist,’ she says. 

With the gown on, it’s love at first sight, but Harriet’s worried that the lace might be too much for her mum. Once downstairs, it’s not Shelley who takes issue with the lace, but Sharon instead – who compares it to being like her ‘nan’s tablecloth.’ 

But Kirsty’s having none of it, commenting on how stunning her friend looks. 

‘If the compromise is the bottom then fine, but the top bit just looks breath-taking,’ she says. ‘This is more like it, we can see her bum, we can see her little waist, we can see boobs. Definitely more of what I imagined Harriet to be wearing!’

Harriet has one clear objective when it comes to choosing her gown (pictured, a potential gown): ‘Wow her fiancé to tears!’

 The bride-to-be is lost for words when Gok presents her with a breath-taking fishtail gown  (pictured) with a detailed bodice

With two dresses down, it’s up to Gok to find something that wins over both Harriet and her divided entourage. Happily, the stylist already has something in mind. 

‘Listening to all the comments here, it feels as if what we need is 10% more performance and 10% more drama,’ he says. ‘And I know exactly the dress that will do that.’ 

True to his word, Gok brings the bride-to-be back upstairs and unveils a beautiful, square-cut fishtail dress that combines all the drama of dress one with the poise of dress two. 

Opening her eyes for the big reveal, Harriet is lost for words. Overcome with emotion, she begins to cry and is excited to show her mum the dress.

‘I really love it, I didn’t think I would cry but I really love it!’ she says.

After a tender moment with Gok upstairs, Harriet walks down to show her entourage who, much like herself, struggle to hold back the tears. But Harriet holds her breath when Gok asks mum Shelley for her thoughts. 

After a short, nervous pause, Harriet breathes a sigh of relief when Shelley admits that she loves it. 

‘I love the dress, it’s perfect, I like the top, the way it’s fitted,’ she says. ‘You look absolutely stunning!’ 

And for the first time all day, the entourage reach a consensus: This is the one! 

‘I think you’re the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen,’ Holly says to her sister. ‘I know Tom will love it, that’s what it’s making me think,’ Sharon says tearfully. 

After a simple thumbs up from Kirsty, there’s only one more thing for the future Mrs Swan to do: say yes to the dress!

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