Scary, transparent Sky Pool gets ‘a big NO’ from detractors

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Here’s hoping this London bridge doesn’t fall down.

The UK unveiled the world’s first-ever floating swimming pool, Sky Pool, last month. Now it’s going viral as critics expressed trepidation about combining their fears of germs, drowning — and heights.

Located at London’s luxurious Embassy Gardens Apartments, this high-altitude waterway is the world’s largest load-bearing acrylic structure at a whopping 82 feet long. And more than half of it suspended in midair — a staggering 115 feet above the ground. Thrill-seekers are invited to swim between two 10-story skyscrapers, à la an aquatic Habitrail.

According to the Embassy Gardens website, developers wanted to create “something transparent so swimmers could see the ground, and people below could see the sky.”

Needless to say, observers seemed hesitant about taking a dip in this sky-high swimming hole.

“How to combine all the possible phobias in one tiny pool: Falling, drowning, virus exposure, swimming in the urine of strangers,” tweeted one skeptic. “That’s a hard ‘no’ for me!”

“So…yeah…this is a big NO for me,” seconded best-selling author Don Winslow of venturing into the H2Overpass, which holds a whopping 50 tons of water.

“Pools are supposed to be relaxing, not a test,” said another online acrophobe.

One critic expressed doubts about the Sky Pool’s safety, writing: “Don’t look safe to me. Especially when you hear of builders cutting corners to save a few bucks. All it wants is one hairline crack like in Jurassic Park 2. Not a good idea. Enjoy your swim!”

Others cited mishaps involving similar sky-high attractions, from the recent collapse of a rooftop pool in Brazil to the glass bridge that shattered in China in May, leaving tourists dangling over 300 feet in the air.

However, it’s unlikely most people will get the chance to even take a swim, as the Sky Pool is currently only open to members of the apartment complex’s exclusive Eg:le club, LadBible reported.

In fact, some critics found the cutting-edge construct a bit ostentatious in light of structural issues plaguing nearby neighborhoods.

“Proper last days of Rome vibes, this,” scoffed one detractor. “People trapped in squalorous mouldy homes with leaky windows and draughty doors are mere dozens of yards from this bacchanalia.”

Others even fantasized about sabotaging the aquatic overpass by flooding it with piranhas or even taking the “world’s most famous poop” in the attraction.

The Sky Pool isn’t the first high-altitude amenity to give people the heebie-jeebies. Last month, New York City developers unveiled a transparent sky elevator called Ascent that transports riders up to 1,210 feet into the air as they gaze on Manhattan below.

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