School’s Out: 8 Rich & Famous Stars Who Were Teachers

It can be exciting to think of our favorite film stars in a career other than acting, and here are some rich and celebrities who were teachers once. Not every celebrity star starts directly in the Hollywood industry or a rock band. Some of them had to take up other jobs to support themselves and their family before fame finally hit them. Sometimes our favorite celebrities talk about their lives before acting, and it is exciting to find out little secrets like how they took up jobs like teaching or being a professor in a college. Here is a list of rich and famous stars who were teachers once.

8 Hugh Jackman

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Hugh Jackman is popularly visualized as the Wolverine from X-Men, but it can be tricky to imagine him as a teacher. Believe it or not, he was a teacher once, more like a gym trainer.

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Although his incredible physique may not make it very difficult for fans to imagine him as a gym trainer at one point in life, thinking of him as a teacher in an educational institution would be too far a stretch, but it’s not impossible. Is it? It turns out he was also an English and Drama tutor at the Uppingham School in London, England. Jackman has a net worth of about $150 million, thanks to his fantastic career in Hollywood.

7 Sylvester Stallone

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After becoming a celebrity, Stallone got seasoned over the years and built a career in screenwriting, direction, and producer. Presently he boasts a net worth of about $400 million. However, an unknown fact about Sylvester that may surprise fans is his profession before acting.

Stallone was a gym trainer at one point in his life when he was a student of drama at the American College in Switzerland.

6 Hillary Clinton

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Both Bill and Hillary Clinton were teachers before they became politicians. They both were law students, and Hillary also taught criminal law at the University of Arkansas. She was extremely fond of her teaching job.

A fun fact is that Bill and Hillary met and fell in love while they were still at the University of Arkansas. Later, Hillary went on to become the Secretary of States of the USA. Her net worth is estimated to be an impressive $120 million.

5 Sting

Sting or Gordon Sumner CBE is known to be an excellent English musician. Before he could earn fame as a musician, he studied at Northern Counties College of Education. On finishing his education, the musician spent two years being a teacher in Cramlington, England.

Besides being a former racer and a musician, he is also an actor and a film score composer. Sting has also bagged several awards for his creations and is worth over $400 million.

4 Stephen King

In many cases, authors choose writing and creating fiction or nonfiction while also lecturing at an educational institute, and these professions go hand in hand. This is why there are at least two such personalities on this list.

One of them is Stephen King, specializing in writing crime, psychological thrillers, and horror fiction. He is known to have been teaching at Hampden Academy in Hampden, Maine, before finishing his debut novel ‘Carrie’ and also has an insane net worth of about $500 million.

3 Dan Brown

Dan Brown is the other celebrity author, besides Stephen King, who has had a history of teaching at an institution. After graduating from Amherst College, he taught Spanish for some time at Beverly Hills Preparatory School in Los Angeles. He also taught the language in his alma mater Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire.

Today Brown is famous for Da Vinci Code and every other book in that series. He is a successful writer, but sadly, he had to sacrifice his teaching career to become a full-time author. Guess that turned out well in the end, and currently, he is worth over $178 million.

2 Liam Neeson

The Australian actor Liam Neeson has been known for his movies like The Hunger Games and some popular soap operas. It can be surprising to know that Neeson has been an instructor in his early life.

his career as a teacher was anything but smooth. Firstly he took two years to teacher’s training and secondly he got assaulted by a hostile pupil. In 2021, after being in the showbiz for many years, Neeson has a net worth of about $145 million.

1 Barack Obama

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Barack Obama, the former President of the USA, was once a teacher. He started by studying at Harvard Law School. After his graduation, he became an instructor for constitutional law and race theory at the University of Chicago Law School.

This lasted for 12 whole years, so one can say that Mr. Obama has as much experience as a teacher as he would know about being the President of America. He also has a fancy net worth of about $70 million.

Many names such as Art Garfunkel and JK Rowling can be added to this list. It is exciting for fans to know about the lives and professions of stars before they hit stardom.

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