Scott Taylor tells Hull FC's players to start living up to the hype

SCOTT Taylor has told Hull’s players to drop all illusions of being world stars – the true best make sure they do the basics first.

The former England prop is part of what should be a squad at the top on paper but rugby league is not played on paper.

And he is in no doubt boss Andy Last was 100 per cent right in calling out under-performing aces who are better in their heads than on the field.

Ahead of facing Castleford tonight, Taylor said: “For the last couple of years, all we’d been told was, ‘You’ve got the best team on paper. Look at the talent you’ve got on paper.’

“It’s you as the person who looks in the mirror who needs to make yourself accountable.

“'Am I going to the team what I should be doing? Am I believing in the process or the system or am I doing my own thing?’

“Andy’s a bit tired of hearing about the players, this squad and the talent. He knows there are people that can give a bit more, aren’t believing in the system or not making themselves accountable enough.

“Numerous things had built up over a while and aren’t going to change overnight. I feel there isn’t enough trust in each other out there and some lads are trying too hard."

Taylor will step on to the pitch for the first time in six months after missing every match since the resumption because of a back injury.

And he revealed he had played with the spinal issue, which had been treated with heavy duty steroid injections, for TWO YEARS!

The 29-year-old added: “It’s probably something I’ll have to deal with for the rest of my career but it’s the best it’s felt and is where it needs to be.

“I took a real bad whack a couple of years ago, it’s something I’d maintained for a season or two but then I took another big blow on it in training after lockdown and it set me back massively.

“I had to get it sorted, so I had something like an epidural to clear a lot of the rubbish away, there was a bit going on at the bottom of my spine.

“When it’s your back, you think about life in general, health and your future going forward."

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